Maybe these floods will make people more aware?

Of the damage the human race has done to the environment?

As far as I can see when it's animals being hunted to extinction, or vast ammounts of land (e.g the amazon) being ripped up for comercial use people really didn't seem to care.

Pictures of drowned polar bears on the news and glaciers melting wasn't enough to make people realise that something had to be done.

It's amazing that only now when it's PEOPLE who are being inconvenienced that those who couldn't care less before are suddenly equipt with new found environmental knowledge and are preaching about global warming.

Maybe if there had been more of this kind of effort before, things wouldn't have come to this but now it seems it's a little too late.

I totally agree - Ive been shouting about it at the top of my voice since i was old enough to understand about the impact we have on the environment - but its only very recently that people have started to take it on board.

Its become a 'Fashion Thing' and so everyone wants a 'I'm not a plastic bag' or some think of that sort. My greatest fear is that just like fashion trends - the interest in our world will blow over in time.

People are not prepared to do the things which inconvenience them.
Recycled loo roll isn't as soft as a kitten - no - but it does the same job.

I saw the pictures of the Polar Bears Dying and it made me cry that just because we want everything now - packaged in bright colours - and perfect, these animals had to die.
30 years ago, these "experts" were predicting a new Ice Age. Everything comes in cycles...dont believe the hype!
fair point, but nothing will change.
how do you know this isn't the cycle of the world and no matter what we do, this is going to happen. Remember the earth is a living planet and it's running it's own course.
Maybe they are caused by Global Warming, but how can we say that for definite? There was possibly more serious flooding and weather in 1947. What caused that?
I totally agree with you but I dont think it'll make anyone care if they werent affected.ppl are still so ignorant to the fact of global warming-look at the tsunami we stoodup and listened and knew changes had to be made after that and all the tornados in the uk-birmingham etc but ppl still havent took notice.
I think it is too late now because of all these pigheaded stubborn only give a damn about themselves people.
what a shame it really is.
Unfortunately only the people in the floods will maybe start thinking.

that leaves millions of unbelievers who are lucky to be on the edges of disasters

these are some of my relevant answers;_yl...

read the other peoples and see how much skeptisism prevails not withstanding so much evidence on all that you rightly point out

when the price of beer hits the roof ,because of water shortage
and food is hard to get ,because of disasters with agriculture
people will wake up.

this is a link on rainforrest destruction;...
sometimes i can't help but think that the little people are getting the blame for the things that the powerful few are doing and we just take it because put simply people like you and i care!
We are told not to use aerosols as they are what are damaging the ozone layer yet nothing seems to be said about the millions that are spent to send rockets through the atmosphere into space. I can't help but wonder, we make excellent scap goats don't you think?
Unfortunately for your argument, the jet stream going awry and missing the UK for one year (as is not uncommon) doth not global warming prove.
your question / statement is rubbish and I know it won't earn me any points, ask yourself this question how did the last Ice Age melt or reverse itself, what had man done on this occasion and the many occasion before, it is utter rubbish that man has caused this, the planet will not take much notice of mankind.

RAINBOW TASTER you hit the nail on the head mankind can never survive evolution any more Than the dinosaurs
Sorry, I'm still far from convinced. Whilst I accept that global warming is taking place, I think it has little to do with the human race. These hot/cold cycles have gone on for centuries and they will continue.
Doubt it it. According to a new survey, 63% of people think this is just a freak event that has nothing to do with global warming. The anti-global warming lobby is rich and powerful and will always appeal to right-wing thickos. ...and there will never be a shortage of right-wing thickos.
Don't get caught up in the "Chicken Little" syndrome. The sky really isn't falling.
You raise a good point about people taking notice when it affects them personally, but even then alot of people would rather complain about the heat and turn the AC in their hummer up as they drive to the corner store instead of make a personal commitment to reduce their ecological footprint, and this is sadly the way it is.

Another way to look at it without getting too down is that the world will be here, with animals and plants, long after mankind has destroyed itself. We are only a blip in time if you look at the big picture.
Is this a question or a pronouncement that the flooding has made YOU aware?

Let's play a game ... just a couple of minutes or take as long as you want to think about it. If I was God, or an alien, or Harry Potter ... whatever image comes to mind. If I could snap My fingers and make it better: give people a second chance, what would YOU say to convince Me I should. After all, they screwed it up once already. If they have guaranteed their own extinction in less than a quarter million years on a planet that could sustain them much longer ... wellll.

Let's put it this way. If YOU were God, what would you save?

BE ORIGINAL, it's important, your life depends on it.
I agree with you...these people don't warming warnings keep rising...and all these happens because of man's fault.You know it.
The planet is a living system - most humans like to think they are individuals (special). What you or I think and do individually will have no influence on the system we are part of. By living and dying we affect the system. You want to save the planet - don't reproduce.
Lets see, first learn to spell or use spell check. It kind of decreases your credibility when you misspell words.

Next, you assume that global warming is true, then you assume we are the cause. When you assume you know you make an *** out of you and me. I choose not to be an *** thank you. So stop assuming.

Many of the other planets in our solar system are warming up also. Did we do this, or maybe the increased activity of the sun had something to do with it.

Some glaciers are melting while some are increasing. Are you looking at the whole picture?

Shut our computer off, shut the lights off, go to bed. You are increasing global warming. Don't be a hypocrite.
Unfortunately, these floods will make people raise all sorts of issues and you just have to watch the tv news to see how it is all someone else's fault and people do not really see how they have contributed to what is going on.

Now for your statements. Even as someone who knows climate change is a real phenomenon, I cannot make the direct link between the floods and climate change. However, you actually mention a lot of issues and we should not, in this case put it all down to climate change. The latest analysis of why the UK has received so much rainfall in past weeks shows clearly that the jetstream has not moved north as it would be expected to do at this time of year and thus the summer high pressure zone over the azores has not had a chance to build. That much is fact. Why the jetstream has stayed south is conjecture. It is true that you can link the intensity of the atlantic depressions to climate change though.

Now lets consider the flooding itself. It is absolutely impossible to design any infrastructure for a "maximum" weather event so typically they use a "100 year event" as a design criterion. This does not mean it will happen only once per 100 years but is a statistically derived prediction.

We have contributed to the flooding by creating so much hard surface - concrete and roads - within the catchment. We have also contributed to the level of damage by building in obvious flood plains of the rivers. We could have invested more in flood defences such as managed flood zones with no buildings but this money has to come from somewhere. We really should accept to sacrifice some "green" land to build houses away from flood plains but we have to tackle the greed of the landowners to do this and build affordable houses. Ordinary people are now suffering the effects of flooded homes, no water or electricity, due to the system over the years which pushed building against good flood defence planning. Now much of the cost will be borne by the insurers and guess who will pay them back? We all will through increased insurance premiums in years to come.

I do hope the tragedies of recent weeks in the UK will spark off an informed debate and many of the things you raise in your question could be aired and discussed. However, I fear the actual reaction will be an uninformed series of accusations.
Well aren't you special!
Do you really believe what you preach? Do you drive a car? Do you have clothing, shoes etc. which are all made from animals or by-products of oil. do you wear makeup? Do you take medication when you are sick? Every luxury you have, which is everything you have, comes from animals or mother earth. You should practice what you preach., go live in a cave and catch your food every day with your own hands, if you or your child gets sick you figure out how to treat them.
what we do to animals and earth is what is required by every one on earth including whiners like your self that do not have a clue what you are talking about. Please let me know what cave you will be living in so I can come visit you. Oh, remeber no clothes not even in the winter.
I think you need to calm down a bit. The recent floods we’ve had are nothing new; similar floods have happened several times in the last century.

The following is a piece in the Sunday Telegraph from, well, Sunday, obviously.


Rain is making it a “retro summer.” A look back shows the Sixties were just as soggy.

One of this column’s most important tasks is to place destructive or exceptional weather events into a proper historical and statistical context. “I can’t remember the last time it rained like this” is all very well as an opening gambit down the pub, but such subjective remarks should have no place in news bulletins or weather reports.

Usually it is easy to find many examples, quickly forgotten by most folk, of earlier examples of extreme weather. The Yorkshire floods in late June, for instance, mirrored similar floods in the same county in June 1982 and July 1973.

Although this summer is starting to look like a record-breaker in terms of quantity and frequency of rain, the prolonged downpour over such a large part of England and Wales on Thursday night and Friday [19th – 20th July] has been equalled or beaten a number of times in the last century.

On Friday, two inches (50mm) or more of rain fell across a huge triangular-shaped zone stretching from Maidstone in the east to Bristol in the west to Shrewsbury in the north – an area twice as large as that hit by the late June deluge.

Four inches (100mm) or more fell over much of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and small parts of Wiltshire and Warwickshire. Pershore had 5.73in (145.4mm) in two days and RAF Brize Norton reported 5.02in (127.6mm).

In the last 50 years, the only high-summer downpours to match last week’s in both volume and geographical extent were on August 25, 1986 – the bank holiday washout associated with hurricane “Charley” – July 28, 1969, and July 10, 1968. On that latter date the four-inch threshold was topped at 65 rain-monitoring sites in a huge area extending from Devon to Lincolnshire, and 6.83in (173mm) fell, mostly within six hours, at Chew Stoke, Somerset. The resulting floods were more extensive than any this summer.

It is tempting to describe this as a “retro summer” because in many respects it is reminiscent of the appalling summers that some readers will recall from the Fifties and Sixties. It is also interesting that summer floods occurred more frequently during epochs (1912-1931 and 1948-1974) when summers were relatively cool.


So, not actually that unusual, then?

Also note that one of the most important factors in the recent flooding is the fact that the government has allowed 2 million homes to be built on flood plains. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognise that, if you concrete over the flood plains, the flood waters will have nowhere to go.

And what’s the government’s cunning plan to resolve this? Build another 3 million homes on the flood plains.


As ever with global warming - don't believe the hype.
You are talking rubbish, weather has been round millions of years and will continue long after you are gone. Everything changes, we are part of the process. We have a 150 years of data, weather changes brought the end to the dinosours and it could bring down the human race but that is change; hopfully it wont be in my time but I will still be a rampant consumer and as long as rubbish dosnt pile up at home I really dont care, by the way I still smoke and eat red meat. Go hug a tree with Charles.
the floods in the uk have nothing to do with global warming ,but purely & simply mans greed.anyone with an ounce of sense knows that you cannot keep building vast housing estates on flood plains without some sort of retribution from nature.admitidly the rainfall has been heavier than normal,but if you concrete over floodplains the rainwater will flood somewhere else.and who but a fool would buy one of these future slums
global warming is just a hoax to get us to pay out in more so called green taxes.

until i am provided with adequate publi transport to and from my work place, which i can rely upon, i wont be giving up my car!

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