A product(simple)made of recycled materials, hurry!?

Most newspapers are made from recycled paper products. "Fleece" jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles. Most glass is made from recycled glass. Entire car bodies are made from recycled metal. Some beautiful furniture is made from recycled fence posts and barn wood. TV sitcoms are made from recycled ideas and the Bush administration from recycled lies.
Cardboard can be 100% made out of paper.
Drywall, also called sheetrock. The paper on the outside is made from recycled brown paper, boxes and bags. The gypsum (white stuff) comes from a power plant that burns sulfur containing petroleum coke bottoms. Calcium carbonate used to wet scrub the stack gas to remove sulfur dioxide ends up forming calcium sulfate (gypsum). Saves a lot of energy because gypsum used to be strip mined in the Texas hill country. Hauled to the Houston area by truck, 200 miles.
News paper.
some of the plastic park benches and tables come from recycling residual non-toxic and non-biohazardous plastics;
Bird-feeders are easy to build out of recycled materials. A simple design could be: A jug from milk or juice with a square cut out of it 2/3 from the top and a stick pushed through under that for the birds to perch on. If you want to you could use a twisted wire hanger pushed through the top to hang the feeder from a tree.

Mosaics are possible too. Colored glass from bottles or even colored plastic you've cut at interesting angles and placed/glued on a cardboard back you've painted white.

It depends whether you want practical or pleasing (though many things are both).

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