Landfill visit? Renewable + Non-renewable resources?

Im doing a project revolving around renewable and non-renewable resources. This should be built on visits and interviews. Tomorrow im going to visit my country's(Malta) landfill because there's going to be an open day. There is also going to be the minister for the environment. what questions should i ask.
i was thinking -what is the gov doing in favour of the environment -subsudies? & against - incenators, powerstation pollution?
+ is the menthane gas produced used to generate energy?
Any more ideas?

What initiatives are being taken or are planned to promote recycling of materials currently going into the land fill?
ie: plastics, newsprint, glossy print, tin cans, glass and last but not least - plant waste, garden trimmings and kitchen / vegetable waste.
The problem is some one has taught u that gas ,oil ,and coal are not renewable . If so where did they come from?after the earth was partly melted there was no fossil fuel . How did the earth make them??
The methane is all hype. They give u all kinds of figures as if they measured it.They. They have not as methane is a very light gas and goes very high in our atmosphere . They have lost all this huge lake of methane in our upper atmosphere. If u cant find the methane there is no global warming.
Methane is largely used to produce energy and is one of the main component of natural gas (70%) It is CH4 meaning one atom of carbon for four atoms of Hydrogen. Therefore it is the least carbon intensive source of hydrocarb.

Landfills are not really renewables since we reduce the waste output. Therefore, their output is going to decrease significantly over decades.
Nevertheless biomass plants produce methane as a renewable energy from a reaction which is a kind of giant stomach which needs a constant temperature. The methane can be directly used to produced heat and/or electricity on the site or transported to any end user.

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