Which is cheaper to produce Diesel or Petrol ? which engine is more efficient deisel or petrol ?

which is cheaper to produce Diesel or Petrol ? which engine is more efficient deisel or petrol ? how much loss is there between producing diesel only and petrol only and if you produce diesel in one fraction and petrol in another ?

At present diesel is cheaper to produce. It is a convenient boiling point cut and does not require the degree of processing that gasoline does. The demand for gasoline means that every last ounce available from various tuned processes is extracted from crude oil at extra cost. Were the demand for diesel to go up a great deal no doubt processes would be developed to increase the yield and the cost might well increase.

A diesel engine is significantly more efficient than a petrol engine, not just when under load but when warming up and idling.

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This site can be used to find standardised car data emissions and fuel economy for different cars and cars for different engine options http://www.vcacarfueldata.org.uk/index.a...

My knowledge of refining is as a result of work in the oil industry. I am sorry I don't have a source with very detailed argument and facts and figures.
Diesel as to both. Its refined less thus less costly to produce, and suprisingly burns cleaner.

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