Do you have any ideas for alternative energy sources?

We all know that our energy needs have caused global warming:

dependance on petrol
production rates


What are your ideas for renewable energy sources?

Nuclear is the only viable answer.
We need non-polluting energy sources before we move on to renewable energy resources. Renewables just cost too much to be practical replacements for carbon power now.

We could make a big push for nuclear power and everyone would be running around with hydrogen and batteries in 10 years. So we'd have some glow in the dark stuff to get rid of...that's what desert mountains are for.
Nuclear. Its the cleanest source of massive amounts of energy
Solar energy will dominate.
Solar or wind.
static electricity
Water could be a breakthrough source, once we invent an economical method to extract hydrogen out of it.

I was always wondering in my childhood about the stories said about the pious saints who miraculously lit the lamps with water.

Subhanallah, Allah is the Greatest.
In the short term at least the only real alternative is nuclear energy. There are many renewable sources such as hydro, tidal, wind, geothermal, solar etc but with current technology and the small scale implementation of these schemes they're not yet a viable alternative.

One area I investigated a few years ago concerned capturing water at high tide (the use of barrages, reservoirs that flood at high tide etc) which is subsequently released at low tide and the escaping water used to drive turbines to generate electricity. This is a system which has been shown to work and has been implemented by energy hungry commercial operations such as car manufacturing plants and aluminium smelters.

There are many other schemes looking at harnessing the power of the seas and oceans, some involve capturing the forward motion of waves, the up and down motion of waves, the ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream. One scheme undergoing trials at the moment uses a multi-sectioned device somewhat like a giant catapillar, as the waves come in they sequentially lift each section and a system of hydraulics drives the turbines. It's a very simple and cost effective system that can be quickly set up anywhere that has waves.

I personally like the idea of developing hydro power and to this end we can learn much from Scotland. Here hydro power is the norm but is generated in lots of small stations rather than large ones, they're designed wherever possible to blend into the landscape and are often hidden by trees, so much so that you can drive right by them without noticing.

It's a very successful system and has been in use for over 100 years - clean, safe, renewable, minimal impact, cheap, tried and tested.
Nuclear waste for heating and for running stirling engines to produce electricity.
Energy sources should be like food in America used to be...Regional. Everyone thinks everything has to work everywhere for it to be applicable anywhere. We need a mix of resources, all renewable, to power us in a responsible and sustainable way.

-Tidal generators
-Wind farms
-off shore windmills
-photovoltaic solar cells
-biomass power plants
-solar tower technology (my personal fave)
-Landfill off gassing
-Recycled animal waste methane production

as well as an increased focus on not using as much energy in the first place.

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