Are we having any summer this year?

Oh, it's summer alright, earth on the right axis etc. Just not what we Brits expect it to be!! It's always raining here anyhow, just glad house aint flooded!!
depends where you live.. it's 40C where i am right now =D going swimming later
We will, but later. I expect September to be very hot and summery.. even into November we will get hot days.
August September
In Texas we haven't had a 100 deg. F. day yet . Normally by now we would of had 10 hot days. Is this global cooling.??
I'm not sure where you are, but we have been in summer here in Northern Michigan for a long time. Regular Michigan weather.
Your question seems to me to be something of a demand
Its as if we humans expect a hot rain free summer and by Golly the Politicians had better give us one or else.
Well sorry but it don't work like that we get what nature gives us so make the best of it because that's all we can do.
On the plus side: green lawns not yellow straw, lots of flowers, no need to use noisy fans to try to keep cool, lots of lovely daylight - don't be downhearted if you are still not flooded out!
We may yet see some more sun in August/Sept. We've just had a great week's holiday in Cornwall and come back with sunburn, it's all about location.
Its sunny here in Scotland! (at the moment) dont hold your breath though!
No. It will be 2009 before we see any prolonged sun - according to the Met Office.
Where I live, It's always summer.
This summer is the best we have had in years out here in sunny California. It is under 100 degrees most of the days and sometimes it is even balmy or breezy. The farmers have a bit of a problem here in the San Joaquin Valley, but if this is caused by global warming I'll go out and pollute a little more. Of course if too much iceberg melt raises the level of the oceans I may have to move. We are pretty much at sea level and the wetlands have been grossly compromised by man.

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