Amphibians can lay as many as 200 eggs. Why do you think it is necessary for most amphibians to?

produce so many eggs?

a good amount of those 200 most likely will be eaten by some other organism... the large number increases the probability of at least some of the brood surviving to reach adulthood and keeping the population going
Because not many survive.
Most amphibians are low on the food chain, meaning that they're lunch for many critters.

They need to reestablish their populations somehow, not to mention that many creatures will EAT their eggs.

They take account for losses they will inevitably experience.
The ratio of eggs laid to surviving eggs is low. Laying a multitude of eggs increases the odds of more surviving offspring, Therefore, ensuring the survival of the species.
because they dont take care of their offsprings like we do..even if they lay so many eggs .. some hatchlings are being eaten ..others don't hatch or never get to hatch..and out of those 200 eggs only a handful survive to reach adulthood
amphibians usually do not develop inside mother's body.
after female lays eggs, they have to be fertilized so a tadpole can develop from it. many of eggs aren't fertilized. than, if they are fertilized, they are very fragile. amphibians do not develop inside mother's body, so they can easily be eaten, destroyed or damaged some other way (too cold water, mechanic damage, dirty water, predators...)
percentage of fertilized eggs which develop into grown-ups is very small. therefor laying many eggs provide existence.
very few of those eggs and the ocupants survive
everybody eats ,turtle ,crocodile,snake eggs or the egglings

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