Are you a PETA basher?

If you think negative of PETA, why? And please supply your answer with facts and a link leading to why you believe the way you do.

PETA is an interesting group. On one hand, they do some good things, which gets good publicity (like coming out against the recent dog fighting issue with Michael Vick. On the other hand, they take some very extremist views (like when they boycotted several years ago because the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta wanted to kill their small pox sample ... this was the last known sample, and PETA declared because it was technically an animal, we would be destroying the last of a species).

I treat PETA just like I do the ACLU and politicians. I agree with some things and disagree with some things. And, I'll send them emails when I disagree with their positions.
Yes I am.

PETA is an extremist group. They say they have the best interest of the animals in mind, but I don't believe it. Although I have no proof of it, I would suspect that many of their "under-cover videos" are even staged, which is sad.

They also don't think people should have pets. There's no way I could support that.

PETA kills animals:

I also could never NEVER support a group that intentionally inflicts psychological damage to children and tries to get to the parents by USING the children and attempting to make the children fearful of their own parents. They have handed out the following comics to children:
You Mommy Kills Animals -
Your Daddy Kills Animals -

I don't have all the information handy, but at one point a year or so ago, I decided to read through the PETA site. What I found was a wealth of mis-information and information skewed to support their "cause".

In short, they are a destructive group that go about things completely the wrong way. They "protest" by interferring with others in ways that should not be done.
* They disrupted VS fashion show a couple years ago:
* Although they have discontinued the practice, they used to attack people with spray-paint that were wearing fur coats. (Their website now says "if you have a fur coat, donate it to a homeless person.")
(There are numerous other examples, you can do a search on the internet and find them.)

About: "Regarding the Mom/Dad ads, they were much less harmful to children than having them watch Steve Irwin's practice of invading the environments of dangerous creatures, which lead to his ultimate undoing."

I would love to hear how you thinking children watching an educational nature show on TV is more harmful than trying to make children see their parents as monsters.

PS: Steve Irwin's death was a freak accident. The equivalent of driving your car down the road and getting impaled with something falling off of a truck in front of you. There are risks in every line of work, even just GETTING to work is a risk. It just happened to be 'his time' that day.
Hell yes, because God put animals on earth for us to eat!!
Why else are they here??
The bible says so< in exoudus, but I cant seem to find it right now
True Believers who go around throwing blood at people and releasing lab animals into the wild where they will die anyway don't really deserve much sympathy. You must remember that humans have rights, too!
no im not! Its my fav kind of bread
Many PETA members exalt things of nature and the animal kingdom but have no problem killing their own babies. The link is from the pit of hell
im not in favor of PETA, they're methods of animal freedom are extremist and unnecessary. They've been connected with groups such as ALF(animal liberation front), and ELF(earth liberation front) which are considered terrorists by the FBI.

Another example of their extremist methods would be that PETA provided $7,500 to Fran Trutt, convicted of the attempted murder of Leon Hirsch, the CEO of the United States Surgical Corporation.
Releasing lab animals without protecting them, bungled relocation projects in Florida. Interfering with hunting in areas overrun with game. Sorry, but all these actions, however well meaning, have been counter productive and bad for the animals these naive people want to help.
I'm all for animal rights...but PETA is a little, for better lack of words, psycho. I mean, I believe that if I person wants to own a pet (dog, cat, horse, etc.) it should be like adopting a child. They go through a screening process to make sure the animal will be placed in a good home. My reasoning? About 3 weeks ago my bf and I were on vacation and almost ran over an emaciated 5 wk old puppy on the road. Not far from where we picked her up, we saw a yard with dogs chained up in horrible condition. Owning an animal is a priviledge, not a right.
However, PETA goes too far. For example, when I worked at Red Lobster we saw on the news that PETA people were in front of the main Red Lobster. One dressed as a seal while the others clubbed it, and apparently is was to oppose Red Lobsters "support" of the clubbing of baby seals. This was proved to be totally bogus. I mean, they said RL was supporting it because they got some fish from a company that went through another company that supported the murder of seal babies. WTF? Red Lobster had no knowledge of this...and besides, why not attack the people that CLUB the seals? It's things like this that are totally ridiculous...and besides, ANY extremist group is crazy. Trust me, I know.
I am not a PETA "basher", but I no longer support them because of one issue in particular, regarding no-kill shelters. PETA criticizes them for adding to the problem of pet overpopulation rather than helping to solve it. I strongly disagree. We should not blame those who try to help animals for a problem caused by many different factors.

They say that these no-kill shelters don't take care of the animals they take in. While some shelters have been neglectful, there are a great many who take excellent care of the animals, have volunteers to take the dogs for walks, give them room to run around and ALWAYS spay and neuter each animal. I just don't think PETA should completely alienate the organizations who are trying to help in their own way.

This is my only criticism of PETA. I know they are just trying to help; I just don't think this is the best way to go about it. I have to credit them for teaching me everything I needed to know to become vegan 15 years ago. For that, I will always be grateful to them.
Yes I am. I nicked named them Vegenazis. They come to the food section and insult everyone. I don't mind people who believe in animals rights as long as they don't go around insulting people.
Definitely not. I have much more respect for non-human creatures than humans. PETA only wants to stop the sick disrespect of the other living creatures.
Well. I cant provide any links for I have none but I still have my opinions.
First, I dont believe that its right to abuse or otherwise mis-treat animals while second, I have no problem with using some of them for a food source such as chickens, turkeys and/or cattle.
Third, Ive heard about P.E.T.A.'s extreme views such as picketing out in front of KFC with buckets of blood and chicken parts while also campaigning to give animals the same rights as humans. Whether P.E.T.A. actually does these things or not is immaterial to me in regards to how I believe so I see no reason to ally myself with an organisation that I may not wholly agree with.
I'm pro-animal rights but I have a very low opinion of PETA.

First example - my wife worked on the UC Davis dairy farm while she was in college. At one point PETA threatened to infect the whole herd with hoof and mouth disease if they didn't stop injecting them hormones. This would have caused the whole herd to be slaughtered. That's better than being injected with hormones? I can't provide a link - that's just a personal experience with PETA.

Then there's their position on no-kill shelters as discussed above.

Then there's the number of animals PETA kills. The North Carolina incident where they "adopted" a bunch of animals from a shelter, put them in a van, killed them, then put them in a dumpster because they couldn't stand the stench long enough to make it to the freezer in their PETA office was juts one example. They testified that they'd used that same dumpster "a couple" of times before. PETA euthanizes 80-90% of the animals they receive, and they go out to adopt them from shelters! Link below provides the evidence.

If you want to protect animals, join the ASPCA or something. PETA is hypocritical and thinks animals are better off dead than in a shelter where they might get adopted.

Oh, and PETA also makes videos of the absolute worst farms where animals are being abused and claims that this is the normal behavior of the meat industry. It's pure propaganda.
I rank PETA right along side greenpeace. They are both based on good ideas. Sadly enough their agenda has been hijacked by the loony squad. A prime example was the Spotted owl fiasco. They crippled the economy of three states by banning
logging in this birds habitat. Guess what happened Even without
logging, THE BIRDS MOVED on their own. There are to many examples to list about their use of science fantasy, instead of science fact. Here in Arizona about 20 odd years ago, they convinced the state authorities to ban deer hunting in one of our national forests. The result was a grand disaster.
The deer population EXPLODED there were so many deer
they ate EVERYTHING from 6 feet down. Effectively killing the forest. After all this time there are still parts that you can still see that have not recovered completely . Hundreds of these animals starved to death even with a fish and game emergency feeding program. I don't trust their pseudoscience
or their emotional decision making. The long term effects usually are not considered fully. And when they are PROVEN WRONG they refuse to accept it.
I go back and forth on PETA, at times extremist, at others helpful. I had to reply however on the one issue i have ALWAYS agreed with PETA on.

I'm sorry but Vegan 15yrs quip about no kill shelters shows how very little she knows about animal euthanasia.

Many think PETA is simply critisising no-kill shelters and not recognizing the efforts these shelters provide. WRONG. As many others who are ardently against no kill shelters there are many, very valid reasons why..

1. Animal Euthanasia is necessary to control pet population CAUSED by irresponsible pet owners.No kill shelters attempt to "place the blame" so to speak on those who are practicing euthanasia, when it the uneducated pet owners who are to blame.

2. Humane society's and SPCA euthanize for one of the 4 following reasons...1. Age, 2. Health, 3. Temperment and LAST 4. pet population..The little known fact about these "kind" no kill shelters is that they operate under the luxury of being able to TURN AWAY any animal that falls into the above criteria..And a call to your own local no-kill shelter will confirm this..Those animals they CHOOSE to turn away.Where do they go? MOST no kill shelters will give you the address to the closest shelter that practices euthanasia!

3. most no kill shelters also refuse any stray animal,though some will deter on this for a puppy or kitten aww how sweet of them puppys and kittens are too sweet to die, but their mangy mom can rot for all they care.

4. No kill shelters want to experience the "good side" of animal care, while leaving the dirty work to those who are willing to provide this necessary kindness (with a lethal dose of sodium phenobarbitol (a strong sedative), NOT gas chambers or any other BS way that no kill shelters like to spread.) Meanwhile society PRASIES them for being oh so kind, while they are one of the LARGEST contributors to animal euthanasia, and the only people who are actually willing to clean up the mess and doing it in the most kind way possible? the humane societies? They get thrashed on a regular basis by so-called "animal lovers"

5. No kill shelters efforts to engage the community in education of pet population and how each member of that community can help...are SEVERELY lacking in comparison to humane societies and SPCA's, those who understand that in order for ANY shelter to be TRULY no kill..They must educate EVERYONE about why animal euthanasia exists and not CONDEM those who practice it, but HELP those who MUST practice it by controlling pet population through spay/neuter clinics, teaching people about the negatives of breeder preference, and most importantly RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP.

When the lot of society stops glorifying these jerks who ARE only contributing to the problem, and stops condeming those who are doing what they must by taking in and giving the best possible care to EVERY ANIMAL, and we each take personal responsibility.that is when EVERY shelter can become NO KILL. Until then..PLEASE support your local animal control, humane society, and SPCA.

Edit to poster: Actually euthanasia by way of gas chamber has been outlawed in most US states, and especially in CA the state with the largest number of humane societies, animal rescues and shelters. Further animals are not "shipped" to any shelter, in the event of a drop off, the person is refered to a shelter that practices euthanasia, and in the event of a non-companion, where the animal was either left in the parking lot or becomes sick or loses positive temperment while in care of the no-kill shelter, the shelter contacts animal control, who then picks up the animals to be euthanized and their paperwork is transfered to the euthanizing shelter.

This is another reason why I diagree with PETA at times, relying on assumptions, not facts to attempt to prove argument.

your ignorance of shelter policies cost you a star, educate yourself please, PETA is not the only source of information. Want to really help out? get off your butt and volunteer to socialize ill-tempermented dogs to increase their chance of becoming adopted at a euthanizing shelter.

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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