Are the same officials that said the air was safe on 9/11 saying the air is safe now in NY?

Asbestos in the air but it's safe to breathe?

No, not the same officials.

The air quality report after the steam pipe explosion came from the city's Office of Emergency Management (city government).

The controvertial air quality tests at ground zero after 9/11 were done by the Environmental Protection Agency (federal government). The EPA Director at the time, Christine Todd Whittman, told everyone on TV that the air was safe... which obviously turned out to be false.

Some accuse her of being directed by the Bush White House to ignore the air quality dangers so that the stock market could reopen sooner.

Somehow, Rudy Giuliani was cool with it.
The EPA would have to make this decision and I am sure they are taking air samples continuosly. The problem is that there is most likely not an air sample for the time that the explosion occurred. I don't live in NYC but am aware of the concerns that the residents have and or had after 9/11. I was in NYC following 9/11, and went to Ground Zero, it was a terrible site to see and the pain that NYC residents went through unimaginable, but they have rebuilt their beautiful city and their lives and moving on. Unfortunately, what people need to ask themselves is would it have mattered if they had said the air wasn't safe? What would citizens have done then? If they say it isn't safe now what will you do? Most likely you will go on with your life in NYC. There just insn't a whole lot anyone can do and to blame the officials of the EPA is ridiculous, on any given day in NYC I am sure that nearly every citizen encounters an unsafe envirnmental situation, you can't convince me that the air is safe or that the waters not polutted. That's what happens when so many people live in one area.
Most forms of asbestos are harmless.

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