Are there any sites that provide guidance on recycling rank? (Ie. 12 aluminum cans = 1 plastic bottle?)?

Recycling is unique per product. Plastic is hard to recycle and not presently 'valuable' on the market as a buy back. Alluminum is easier to recycle and has high post recycle resale. Newspaper is easy to recycle but it cheaper for companies to buy new paper for printing.

So to better recycle is to better purchase. Should I buy that 12oz alluminum can over the 16oz plastic bottle?

Who has those answers??

In terms of emissions the following is how much CO2 you will save per year by recycling each type of product:

recycle newspaper = -184 lbs.
recycle glass = -26 lbs.
recycle plastic = -47 lbs.
recycle AL and Steel = -166 lbs.

Hope that helps.
Around here you get back the same amount per item so that is not a factor. As far as bulk to cart back to the store for recycling carrying one empty bottle is easier than a bunch of cans.

The plastic is easy to recycle since there is only one plastic type that they receive. What lowers plastic recycle value is a nasty mix of plastic types that make separation impossible.

As far as total energy savings aluminum is always the winner.
Hmmmmm, VERY interesting question! I don't know off the top of my head, but I'd be interested to find out as well.

When choosing a product I usually buy it for the contents, not for the packaging. Value of the packaging becomes an issue for me only if there is a deposit and return system ... but that is not technically recycling, that is reusing.

I.e. The aluminum can may be easier to reCYCLE (be broken down and made into new products) the plastic bottle may be better for reUSING (cleaning and refilling). Hard to compare directly.

Really good question!

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