Why energy crisis if energy is conserved in the nature?

As law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Now there is a question that very few people are clever enough to ask.

And of course the answer is that there is not an energy crisis - there can't be.

What there is is an entropy crisis.

Processes in the universe happen because they move systems from lower to higher entropy. So, for instance, energy arrives from the Sun as a small number of very high energy photons. On Earth things happen like photosynthesis, fossilisation, fuel formation and all of these spread this energy to more and more states - more entropy. When the fuel is finally burned the energy eventually disippates into the environment and out into space as a very large number of very low energy photons or as low grade heat.

The same amount of energy is there throughout. But the entropy has gone up.

So oil is really a source of low entropy not high energy.
Yes but conserves in the nature in forms that are more difficult (and more expensive) to extract. It´s like white and black marbles after you mix some black marbles in millions of white... they are still there but more difficult to extract... they are in a less sorted and less usable form... kind of dissipated, diluted.

Ok that was a law of thermodynamic concerning the entropy.

On a larger scale also our universe will some day die if it keeps expanding because the concentration of useful energy will be too low.
by energy crisis the peopple mean electrical energy crisis and not the energy that remains conserved in the universe.THe incapability of humans to generate enough electricity for themselves is this energy crisis
The energy crisis refers to the needs people have to use energy for industry, for transportation, and in their homes. Diffuse energy won't do that, they need concentrated sources like oil, which take a long time to create, and are being destroyed rapidly. Three things are very important.

Much of the world is becoming more modern. China is the big example. So formerly agricultural people who didn't use much energy are now becoming industrial and more prosperous (buying cars, etc.), and using a lot.

We have based most of our energy use on fossil fuels. Demand (as stated above) is going up much faster than supply. That is making things like oil much more expensive.

The result is that people are now competing for energy. Right now they're simply bidding the price up. The time may come when going to war looks like a better option.

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