Anyone have a global warming essay ?

Mike, one of the top contributors on Global Warming has written some excellent answers to Global Warming questions.

I recommend that you look for some of his answers. They will provide you with a tremendous amount of information on the issue of global Warming.

I just saw some of his answers to Global Warming questions. If you look at the questions you will find some of his answers.
Search for them on GOOGLE. They have tons of articles on it.

Don't expect for people to do your papers for you... I'm sorry, but that's just plagiarizing.
What cind of global warming are u looking for Natral or "man made" there is no real studys on "man made global warming" however the earth does have cycles of warm and coldness that happens over thousands of years study up on that and its a good place to start however i will imagine that your teacher will not grade you very high if you use this information due to the fact that most teachers are very liberal and dont listen to the facts as much as they do the media and their "Base"
I'm in the midst of writing one.
Why, are you trying to cheat?
Take a look at this:
Perhaps. I'm not in the habit of letting other people plagiarize my work though, so I'm afraid you'll have to suck it up and do your own work here.
I've written lots of reports, articles and research papers but they're not really essays.

One of the reports I wrote has been simplified, dejargonised and uploaded to the internet. I've allowed it to be made available under something called the Free Documentation License, meaning that you're allowed to copy it.

It's not an essay as such but it may give you some ideas. Here it is in text only format -

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