How can we save our beautiful planet?

I was just thinking about it and all the things i have heard. Do we plant grass on th rooves of tall and maissive buildings especially in the large cities?

Do we control people having children so that one day we have a controlled number of people bringing the earth's temperature down?

What is the main thing that we can do because i would love to see a massive repair? would you?

Nature has its own way of controlling its creations, and I don't believe that we as part of that creation can do much to alter nature's course. However, with regard to the planet, there are lots of "commonsense" actions we could put in place to ensure that we do not hand a dead planet over to future generations, in other words, that this planet does not become like the moon or Mars earlier that it is destined to become. These measures include limiting pollutants which can be proven to damage the earth's eco-system, over-exploitation of flora and fauna, over-consumption of resources etc. If we do not put in these and many more self-control measures, nature will do it for us, but that may not necessarily be to our advantage, as we may bring about our own self-destruction earlier that would have been the case.
The planet is going to be fine! It's ourselves that we will eventually destroy. People can't hurt the planet.
We don't need to. Mother nature has survived many catastrophes and she will certainly outlive mankind. We can't destroy our planet, we can only destroy ourselves by making it unihabitable. But the earth will life forever.

Two planets meet. Says one: Gosh, you look bad, what happened. The other answers: I've got homo sapiens. The first one replies: Don't worry, it'll pass.
There is only one way to save the planet, have every human die, we will continue to ruin and destroy everything until that happens, its just what we do.

parasites is all we are, we think we're more than we are because we're "intelligent"
let us start with ourselves first before we can make a big change...
vacate it
by PAinting it pretty Colours
The only way we're going to save it is by being willing to make sacrifices - what are you willing to give up?
Dont use cars to prevent CO2 from exhausting
All down to greed, so we or our decendents shall have to wait and see what happens
All the problems of the planet come down to one one - excess population. Western governments are under the control of Multi-National corporations that rely on growing populations in order to expand their markets and increase profitability. Unless extreme measures are taken, the world is heading for an horrific Sci-Fi scenario such as Soylent Green. I believe that the basis of the solution is as follows:
1. An end to the existing welfare structure that subsidises the production of children by those without income. Restore tax allowances for working parents and end child benefit and related subsidies. As an interim measure, to alleviate child poverty, allowances could be paid to parents without income but only on production of certificates of sterilisation.
2. Impose high tariffs on imported manufactured goods from developing economies so that instead of a new £8 kettle every year, we get into the habit of buying a locally made product for £50 that lasts for ten years.
3. Until the new policies reduced the massive under class that drains the working people in our society, the state retirement age would have to rise to compensate for the slowing of the economy and reduced tax revenue.
The real damage is done. What we are doing now is only slowing down the end.
I am 76 years old and life is beautiful. U can look at the bad side or find out what the good side is. It sounds like u want to fix our problems ,but I don't think u have the schooling to do it .
Good luck

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