Which is the country with consume the most natural resource?

All countries consume its natural resources. However, most countries allowing other countries to squeeze dry their natural resources belong to the third world. One cannot particularly pinpoint a specific country because of their differences in area, population, climate, geographical location, economy and political stability.
In technicologol terms it would be America,
That be US !
We just loves the resources !!
What you got -- we want-- especially if it tastes good-- looks good --runs good-- wiggles good or costs a lot of money !!
We only care the slightest bit if it depletes or is unretrievable in nature--- if it tickles our fancy--- we want it and actually as soon as we can get it !
All the countries tend to use the maximum possible natural resources they posses. But the so called affluent or developed nations tend to use their resources as well as other countries resources.
USA. They have a very wasteful attitude e.g. toilet paper, packed food, using plastic bags etc. and thus consume much more than many other countries.
many people high standard of living

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