3 year old psilocybin- safe to eat?

I have run across some mushrooms that have been dried and vaccum sealed for about three years now at room temp. I know that psilocybin is stable, and mushrooms can retain their psychoactive properties for years. However, I am afraid of the possibility of them breaking down/decomposing into something harmful to ingest. Does anyone have any experience with mushrooms that have been preserved for long periods of time? Also, if you have heard of mushroom liquer- extracting pure psilocybin from mushrooms using alcohol- could this work even if the 'shrooms are not safe to eat? Seriously, it is dry down here, I haven't had fresh shroomies in a year or two . I really REALLY want to eat these things and any safe way I can get the psilocybin from them would be greatly appreciated.

On one hand, these 'shrooms are a product of centuries of cultivation for a populace most probably more adapted to its physical effects than is your body. To modify them in any manner would diminish any safety margin inherent in that ancient process. Conclusion: don't manipulate them or the process of ingestion in any manner. Also, if you read the literature on freebasing - be it tobacco in cigarettes or hard drugs, the concept behind freebasing is to receive a bigger, initial hit from the already quick-acting drugs. Though I have no experience with mushrooms, my understanding is that the effects are meant to be long term, with little added feature for a more immediate onset. Thus, alcohol freebasing would simply adulterate the active chemicals and diminish the overall effect.

On the other hand, the inference is that you did not initially place the items at their current position: you thus have NO idea what is in there. As a small child, I ate a very small toadstool and nearly died. Please consider not going there this time. Give them a toss.

On the Gripping Hand, you are an idiot for even thinking about taking these types of drugs at any time. Got a Spirit Guide, steeped in the Hopi or Navajo rituals? Got the proper environmental space and ceremonial foods? Got 911 on the speed dial? Nah, you're just a foolish Anglo trying to be cool. Clean up your act!
I don't know but did you bring enough for all of us?
Why don't you just have a little bit and see how you feel? ;)
if there is no mold formed on them yes
no. discard.

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