Al Gore 3rd speeding violations?

Is Al Gore 3rd saving the planet
by driving double-speed?

Don't you mean his son? Al Gore is not his son; his son is an adult and his actions should not be reflected back on his father. You've just proven that people will go to any lengths to bash Al Gore, nice try though.
What? Can you rephrase your question?
Yep, cause he has to get to the tree saving convention quick-time.
Speeding causes an increas in emissions, just show how 2 faced he is
You haven't heard of speeding off-sets? He bought a bunch, so now there is an 80 year old granny in Florida driving really, REALLY slow on the Interstate to balance Gore III's debt.
Very interesting indeed.
You should post this in the global warming section. Al Gore and green living have nothing to do with one another.
No, acceleration uses a lot of fuel and he consumes tons of resources anyway.

The point is not what the talking head says, it is what we do about it.
Who cares.
His dad will pay for it
All that hot air is causing global warming....

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