How can recycle plastic help the enviroment??

pls write in detail...thank you very very much. urgent!!

plastic is non-biodegradable. which means that if the plastic is disposed by burying, it can't decay like organic matters do. if i' not mistaken, it would take hundreds, maybe thousands of years for that to happen. therefore, it will cause pollution to the earth. if the plastic is disposed by burning, that will cause air pollution. that's how recycle helps-preventing pollution
to ease the land with plastic waste that will eventually ruin our land.
recycling plastic means breaking of plastic molecules and reusing them if we recycle the plastic less no. of plastics will be manufactured and if they will be less then the burning of them will be less and it will be safe for enviorment
there are many type of plastics are in the world,mainly two types ,Thermo plastics and Thermo setting plastics that is thermo plastics are not recycled, but thermosetting plastics can recycleed easily after made into one form.When we use it once,after the use we can transformed into other type of plastic thing and use it is help us to reduce the pollution of plastics, we can recycled the used plastics in to another useful forms and help the enviornment from plastic pollution,and we can save the Earth from plastics,

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