All this talk about global warming, do you consider yourself to be a global person?

These days there are alot of people who we can say are very international for many reasons. Which word do you think captures the essence of it all. International or Global?

Global is the more appropriate term. It seems to soften or remove the political connotations that international offers.

I haven't done much travelling abroad, but I've been aware for some time that environmental issues cross political boundaries. Migratory birds need breeding and rest stops in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and sometimes beyond. Pollution from overseas can drift across the ocean and reach the west coast. And we all share the same limited -- or abundant -- resources. From that perspective, I consider myself a global person, because I know that you can't put lines across a planet and have them really mean anything at all.
Resoundingly I am a global person.
I'm a global person
I'm an American! Dammit.
I am a Traditionalist American while I'm at it and I'll tell you sissy Internationalists that would have the rest of the world (Castro, Kadaffy, Price Faud, Abaminajab?, Pol Pot, Robert Magabi, Nelson Mandela, et al) how we are supposed to live to go to the devil.

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