Anybody feels like that!!?

hEY, I'M 19 AND i'm currently going to school full time and working full time. It seems like, i've never really had a close friend. ( Is there anybody like that?) I was going to have one but i guess i messed it up...He borrowed money from me and when i asked him for it he got really mad...he told me that he didn't think i was going to do that to him...i tried to bring back the friendship back but he won't forgive me. In highschool i had a group of friends. It was 5 of us. Now the These old friend still hang out together. girls that feel confortable with me be telling me that their friend like me. even in church...a lot of people like me, especially the girls but i never really got close to anyone. What can i do? There has to be something wrong with me...and even though i get these people to be my friends there anyways i can start new? I mean meet new friends and try to get closer to them. I feel like a lot of people wanna be my friends but they probably think i'm a monster.

Well, someone who you lend money and get mad when you ask them about it isn't a real friend. Sounds like a total jerk.
I think the best way to make close friends is to be open but not too desperate- don't give them too much of yourself until you really know them. Be a good listener and interested in them, and they'll want to talk to you. Don't worry- you're not a monster. Someone will want to be your friend soon, you're just a busy person.
Wrong section to ask question.

Nothings wrong with you except for the people surrounding you. So dont worry you would rather live with yourself than have crooked friends then it would be more messy.
Dont try too hard to make friends just be yourself you will meet some good ones for sure.

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