Which movie do you feel better serves the purpose of galvanizing people into being more active about conservation, and our impact upon the environment?

Easy answer. How much intellectual discussion do you see about Syriana (which I thought was great) on the Internet, in the media, or in your personal life? Which movie have more young people seen?

This is not a close call, however great Syriana was.
You've already asked this a few moments ago. And I told you that Gore is full of crap.
AIT because it directly shows how we're all impacting the climate. Syriana was a good film but more about politics whereas AIT was more about science.
I must say An Inconvenient Truth.

Has much knowledge and data to go with it.
Unfortunately An Inconvenient Truth uses a kernel of truth to give credibility to a large amount of fabrication and fiction.

In the long run movies like An Inconvenient Truth do more harm than good because people eventually find out about the fictionalized parts.

Then they do not believe anything that they are told, even when they are being told the truth because they have been lied to so many times in the past by characters like Al Gore..

I have not seen Syriana so I cannot comment on it.

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