May the wind be helpful or harmful to humans? How?

wind doesn't really effect us until is does something bad. like a tornado or hurricane or tropical storm. when it does one of those three things it hurts us uther wise it doesn't really do anything for us. wind power means nothing
have you heard of tornados and hurricanes?
Helpful by creating energy via wind fields...
A steady wind can turn a wind turbine generator, and make electricity.
I like to fly kites.
I live in Los Angeles. A nice breeze can blow the smog inland.

Strong gusting winds can overturn trucks, or pull the shingles off roofs.
Tornadoes and hurricanes can cause a lot of damage!
The wind can be one or the other. It can be helpful in that we use it mostly as a source of power. Some cities rely on wind powered generators to keep electricity flowing. Windmills, although a thing of the past, we also very helpful in providing and easy means of crushing things for farmers. Another helpful aspect of the wind is the ability it gives to plants to reproduce. The pollen is carried in the wind from place to place, creating more and more plants. Humans, of course, need these plants mostly for oxygen production. Not to mention in the wild the nourishment they give to animals which humans feed on.

The harmful aspects I could see as being more weather related. The wind can cause chills in the temperature of centain areas of the world that make it unliveable to humans. Wind can also carry with it hurricanes, tornadoes and tidal waves, which destroy billions of dollars worth of property.

tornados ,huricanes ,Typhoons all kill people .
or execessive winds causes erosion,dries out crops or flattens it.

but wind power also generates electricity ,sails boats ,grinds grains (windmill),pumps water ,cools down houses ,flies kites and so on

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