I am becoming interested in global warming. How do I start a grass roots effort in my community?

I live in the Eastern Sierras of California and have hiked numerous trails and peaks. I am noticing a lack of concern and appreciate/care for the environment. That concerns me. Trash, litter, cigarette butts are becoming the norm along the trails. I want to do something to help others appreciate the environment and enjoy nature. It will preserve the forest and nature for the future.

-Lead tree planting activities in your community.
-Ask the leaders of citizens group for a clean and green projects
-Show your concern, live by example by throwing trash to its proper place.
Join the Earth Corps at your local YMCA. You will become a Leader and gave a great time.
Sponsor an awareness concert.
don't be fooled. global warming doesn't exist. This is just a ploy to have power over us.. Look at the history of the planet.. is there ever a period of time where the temp stays the same? no! what were the global warming freaks of today saying 25 - 30 years ago?? that we were heading for an ice age.
so just don't get caught up in this.. they never talk about themselves and how they are all hypocrites and live the way they tell us they are not supposed to. But i do think we should do some things different to live a better life, but not because of global warming!
First you need to know what to do about Global Warming.

To stop Global Warming yu must cut the word wide emissions of carbon dioxide to less than on tenth of what those emissions are today.

In order to accomplish that you must shut down all of the transportation systems world wide.

You must shut down all use of automobiles, motorscooters, motorcycles, buses, trucks, trains, planes and world wide shipping.

Next you must shut down all manufacturing world wide.

Next you must shut down all steel making and cement making.

Next you must stop the heating of all homes, offices, and factories, even when it is below zero degrees outside.

Next you must stop the heating of all water that is used for washing and bathing.

Everyone, worldwide must learn to bathe in cold water.

Next you must stop the cooking of all food.

Remember all of these cuts must be world wide with no exceptions.

The People's Republic of China has stated that they will not voluntarily cut back their emissions of carbon dioxide.

They have said they plan to increse their emissions of carbon dioxide and that they consider any attempt to limit their emissions of carbon dioxide to be an act of war against The People's Republic of China.

If you cannot cut the amount of carbon dioxide that The People's Republic of China emits to the atmosphere, you cannot stop Global Warming.

If you try to force The People's Republic of China to cut back their emissions of carbon dioxide, you will start a war with them. That will really cause Global Warming.

Essentially Global Warming cannot be stopped. You cannot even make a significant reduction in global Warming with such gimmicks as more recycling. turning out the lights and buying hybrid cars.

The reductions that you get doing that are so small they are trivial and insignificant. they will havee no effect on global Warming.

Fortunately the effects of Global Warming can easily be mitigated.

The sea levels will rise. Low lying areas can be protected by dike systems similar to those in Holland.

There will be more and stronger hurricanes.

We will need to upgrade the disaster preparedness systems that we already have in place for hurricanes.

There will be droughts. We will need to help with supplemental water supplies and desalination plants.

We are all set and ready to go on all of these systems needed to mitigate the effects of Global Warming.
There probably are organized groups in your community--your best bet is to join one, rather than trying to "re-invent the wheel."

Especially if you're new to the effort. Get involved--learn the ropes and what you can do. That may lead you to forming a particular effort of your own at some point or it may not--but either way, you'll be able to make mre of a difference that way.
Check out MoveOn.org. It is a nationwide organization that works by having people like yourself organize events in your community and then sharing what you learn with others. I just attended a neighborhood meeting attended by folks of all ages concerned about the environment and wanting to know what they could do. A lot of it is makingyourself aware of the facts so that when you talk to others you know what you are talking anout rather than relating paranoia or things you really don't know much about. On the other hand you don't need to be an expert, just learn a few facts, do some research (it's easy to find on the net) and talk to others who think like you and then expand.
The address below takes you to interviews between MoveOn members and ALL the Democratic candidates. Much better questions than the network drivel and many of the candidates seem to take Climate Change very seriously. My favorite is Bill Richardson and even Senator Dodd. But you make up your own mind.
The first thing to do is to try to decrease your own consumption. This is important for 2 reasons. First, of course, it helps reduce the problem. Second, it makes it harder for the anti-environmentalists to make you look like a hypocrite.

To decrease your own consumption, you should of course reduce the amount of electricity that you use at home, reduce the amount that you travel, reduce the amount of meat that you eat, etc. You should also have no more than 1 child. (If you have 2, the problem will stay roughly the same; if you have more than 2, the problem will increase; if you have 1 or 0, the problem will shrink, assuming that you don't increase the amount consumed by each person.)

These changes are not very big sacrifices. This is important because the anti-environmentalists have been trying to persuade people that the only way to save the environment is to make such enormous sacrifices that we will all be miserable ("freezing in the dark"). If you reduce your consumption but have an equal or higher quality of life (e.g. you have fewer kids but take better care of them, you travel less but are able to spend more time "doing things" instead of spending time sitting in your car, have less stress, etc.), then people will want to live a life more like yours, rather than be afraid of living a life more like yours. (Someday, we may need to sacrifice more. But right now, we do so many things inefficiently that we don't need to make big sacrifices to start to reduce the problem.)

The next thing that you need to do is to become well-informed so that you can counter the lies and the half-truths spread by the anti-environmentalists. For example, one of the other people who responded to your question brought up the half-truth that 35 years ago environmentalists were worrying about global cooling, not global warming. The reason environmentalists were worried about global cooling is that aircraft manufacturers planned to fly SSTs (SuperSonic Transports) at altitudes at which the water vapor in the exhaust would not dissipate quickly. As a result the contrail "clouds" could reflect more energy from the sun and cause global cooling. Since few SSTs were built, that particular danger (global cooling) never became severe. There are LOTS of these lies and half truths that you will need to know about, so try to learn a lot about the topic. You can find a few more explanations of these lies and half-truths at:

These are just some of the steps that you'll need.
First, study it for yourself and decide if it's man-made and if we can do something about it.

Trash and cigarette butts are a lot different than global warming.
walk nude down the middle of the freeway with a sign supporting global warming.

you will get a lot of support.
I admire your desire to help preserve the environment (especially the Easter Sierras). However, I would not hitch your community awareness campaign to global warming with what you have listed as your concerns. Educate yourself more about man-made global warming by reading more from the numerous dissenting scientists. There are plenty out there to choose from (with more speaking out each day).

As you can probably surmise, I do not believe the recent warming of the Earth has been induced by human activities (look back at recent history and you will see the temp is ALWAYS in flux). However, I do care about the environment and here are a couple of ways I do try to help:

a) gardening - I live in Houston and read recently that the fruits/vegetables grown commercially often travel 1,000 miles just to get to your local supermarket. If everyone had at least a small garden, we could help reduce the amount of pollutants produced by trucks/tractors. Living in the Eastern Sierras, think of how much smog the trucks produce while coming to deliver produce to your local store. I just think of all the hazy views we use to get during hikes in the Sierras.

b) composting - save your fruit/vegie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, grass clippings, etc and start a compost pile. This reduces the amount of garbage people dump per week (some estimates as high as 30%, though this seems high) and is GREAT for one's garden.

c) riding my bike - whether it is going to the store, library, or work, why not get out there and ride your bike. It's a healthy alternative and keeps your car off the road. Obviously a little tough when it comes to riding to work if you work more than 10 miles from home but this is no problem for me.

There are plenty of ways you can approach your goal of making people more aware about the environment. However, if you came to my door and said your reason was because of global warming, our conversation would be over immediately.

Don't do this for global warming, do it because it will help preserve the environment (no debate there!). You will get much more support with this approach.

I would simply type in climate change into a search engine and look at what you find. I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestiuons. Also, you will find some sites that you can look at and see how they accomplished the same thing u want to..

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