Anyone know the mathematical formula used for calculating additional taxes to aid against global warming.?

To combat global warming the Goverment has levied taxes on whatever it can especially on motorists.
Heaven knows where Mother Nature got its funding from the last time the planet went through a global warming phase. There were certainly no motorists around to give her a dig out then or to cause it.

Mandates without any way to enforce them are useless. That is why they will levy fines or force manufacturers to comply by taking away their ability to do business in certain markets. Call it what you want, it comes down to added costs that will be born by consumers. Forcing auto manufacturers to produce cars with higher gas mileage will not make people buy the higher priced cars. Newsflash for all you wannabe social engineers: there is no shortage of economy cars. Every manufacturer makes them. And the most popular models are NOT the econoboxes.

No one would be making SUVs if people didn't want them. How many of the manufacturers of traditionally economic cars have added SUVs and full-size trucks to their lineups? When the Arab Oil embargo hit in the early 70s and diminutive Toyotas, Datsuns (Nissan), and Hondas flooded the American marketplace, no one would have imagined that we'd be seeing huge 5000lb, less than 20mpg vehicles out of these same manufacturers. But we have them along with more Japanese and Korean makes. Euros jumped into the fray, too.

Bottom line, the current plan calls for "voluntary" incentives to reduce carbon emissions. The incentive? Avoid a $20-50 fine for every ton of CO2 put into the atmosphere. Or you can just buy carbon credits and go on with business as usual.
Yes. It is whatever you can get away with plus ten percent.
We don't need higher taxes. We do need policies that encourage the market to invest in conservation and alternative energy technologies.

For example--the proposed increase of required average gas mileage from 17 to 34 miles per galllon over about the next 10 years. That proposal leaves auto manufacturers free to find the best (most cost-effective) ways of achieving a stated goal. And ins o doing saving consumers money.

Adding on a tax just hurts people and may or may not do any good. That's exactly the kind of short-sighted idea the oil companies and other special interests are frightening people by claiming that's what "going green" is all about.

Its not. THINK, dammit! What's going to be key--over the next 50 years--to being an economic and technology leader on the world stage? One big area is going to be new ways of producing energy--and of using it more efficiently. The countries that INVEST--rather than TAX--their way to being green are going to reap enormous economic as well as environmental benefits.

So please--stop giving Exxon more grist for their propaganda mills and start promoting environmentalism for what it is--a big-maybe the biggesst--economic/technology opportunity of the 21st century.
I guess that I sort of agree with crabby_blind guy. I really don't see where more taxes are going to combat global warming. I think that it is an excuse to squeeze more money out of the honest working people. Government is notorious for mishandling funds and overspending.
And yes, there have been other global warming phases. One scientist has claimed that he has found a link between sunspot activity and global warming. He says that when the sun is more active, the radiation keeps the cosmic rays away from the earth. He has shown that cosmic rays excite electrons and that they go on the cause "clumping" of molecules in the atmosphere around which water droplets condense leading to the formation of clouds. So he says more sunspots = less cosmic rays = fewer clouds = less solar heat reflected back out into space = a warmer earth. It is this one scientist's belief that this is a greater contributor to global warming than all the carbon dioxide that humans produce.
I have often thought that it is conceited of the human race to think that we could have such a large and profound effect on the overall temperature of the earth. It's a closed system, true, but a very large one.

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