I have a double ended halogen bulb and was wondering if there was an energy savings equivalent bulb.?

My current kitchen fixture supports a double ended halogen bulb, and I hate it as it gets way too hot and uses too much electricity. I would like to buy one of those energy savings bulbs, but cannot find one that fits that socket. Does anyone know if they exist and where I can get one? Ideally, it would work with my dimmer, but I'll settle for an energy saver even if it doesn't. Thank you.

one that fits the socket?... no. You'll have to install a different fixture.
no. replace the fixture with one that holds a CF bulb.
halogen bulbs are a waste of energy.
Halogen bulbs are slightly more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs. CFL (compact florescent) bulbs are quite a bit more efficient, so you would save money and be greener by replacing your halogen with a CFL bulb. The problem is, if you have a long skinny halogen tube, you probably have a special fixture that will only accept long skinny halogen tubes, so just replacing the lightbulb may not be an option.

It may well be time for you to replace your fixture. In general, halogen lamps produce a lot of heat, and they are recognized fire hazards. Put in a CFL fixture with a similar shape and you will reduce your fire danger as well as save money and the environment. Dimmable CFLs are now available, but you may have to look on the Internet or order one special in order to get your hands on one.

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