A Magnetic Resonator & fuel ionizer claims to reduce pollution & fuel use in cars. Can you share Experience?

This device claims to reduce pollution by 15% & fuel consumption by 5 to 15% by ensuring ionization & complete burning of fuel with +vely charged oxygen. If this really the case than why don't the Car manufactures provide it with the car ?

Engineers writing for MSN autos showed that these were both BS. Look in MSN autos for the link. I thought they said that ionization which would affect gas mileage and hp could only occur in the combustion chamber, this product does not actually do that. Only ferrous metals(ie iron based metals like iron, steel, tin) are affected by magnetism. Gas is not a ferrous metal. Maybe the product would do somehting if you had very dirty gas that had some metal shavings in it. However, the metal shavigs would probably hurt the inner engine parts if they made it past the fuel filter.
scam & ripoff
Years ago I bought something that was then called a "Purple plate" and a "fuel ionizer". It was not very expensive, but I cannot say that I noticed any difference. If you keep your palm about 6" above the purple plate you can feel some kind of sensation but other than that it is just an anodised aluminium plate and Im sure I got conned. Ditto the "fuel ionizer". My advice, please dont waste your money unless you have so much you dont know what to do with it, then you can experiment. If you do buy it, please post your results. Thanks
I am an old man and have heard this stuff all my life. If it looks too good it is normally garbage . There excuse would u need to learn to drive it. Don't give up yet. By the time u try several times to find a small advantage they have your money and gone.

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