A Magnetic Resonator & fuel ionizer claims to reduce pollution & fuel use in cars. Can you share Experience?

This device claims to reduce pollution by 15% & fuel consumption by 5 to 15% by ensuring ionization & complete burning of fuel with +vely charged oxygen. If this really the case than why don't the Car manufactures provide it with the car ?

scam & ripoff
Because that's such a small amount that it's just not worth the Hassle and Expense. The best way to do it is to Vaporize the Fuel to a Mixture of 100 Parts of Air to 1 Part of Fuel before it enters the Engine.That's what My Avatar is a Photo of, just such a Device, ignited to Prove it actually works. With this , even the largest SUV could get 50 + MPG, and emit 10 Times less polluton. And it's illegal to even try on any Vehicle in the USA from '96 to the Present ! All such Vehicles are required by Law to run at 14.7 Parts of Air to 1 Part of Fuel. Don't believe it ? Go to http://energy21.freeservers.com/bookrep. and read through it all. Then, go to My 360 Page. Not One Politician or Oil Company Executive will touch this ! Will You ?
because it isn't. by the time you do all the other stuff that is demanded of you after installing this device(air pressure in tires, new air cleaner, a tune up, a wheel alignment, and change your driving habits as instructed, you would get the same without the device.
Besides that, gasoline has no positive or negative charge nor can recieve one. Nor is it magnetic(cow magnets were used on fuel). All is a bunch of hooey. Get a tune up.
I think car manufacturers would have to extensively test these add-on to make any claims, and make sure they don't harm their product. Since they don't sell them, there is little incentive. I found several zinc based fuel catalyst manufacturers that make similar claims.

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