Comparison between new york city and london?

diffence between da noise and quietness

They are both polluted, noisy and filled with stressful vibrations. Yet both will have good people who are trying the best they can to make a life for themselves. Dark and light energy mixed together in two great cities. The nosie and quietness would be the same if London was not technically bigger, I think.
London is full of English people and New York is full of Americans. Think about it, the English might drink their beer warm but at least they aren't American!
London is an old passioned city & it has always been the most busy city in the world moreover it is flooded with industries, so the Air pollution is much more than New York city. On the other hand New York is a city which never sleeps. So people will find lots cars and other transports always present on the streets making a lot of noise.

But both of them are 1000 times less polluted if compared to any of the Indian cities.
London has hooty-hooty cars. NY has scree-scree cars.
in London the locals speak English an in NYC the locals speak American. NYC is nosies.
One is an apple n the otherone is pineapple.
I will tell you straight what the difference to me is.i love my country the royal family are ok.the difference is new york is full of americans who get behind their flag and often annoying and come across as brash ,but ,but,but they are damned well PATRIOTIC ,london is cosmopolitan too but most of its population are not patriotic ,im afraid our ,my, capital is doomed.i am not a pessimist just have eyes and work in the capital most of my 48 years.

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