Are the strange weather patterns caused by us humans and if so, how many people can the earth sustain?

Global warming is the supposed cause of the heavy rains in Texas, extreme heat in the west, and pretty much every other weather anomalie since "el Nino" ( I don't know how to put the ~over the n- sorry). I have always heard that nature will "right itself", through drought, famine, flood, disease, or war. So at what point will the amount of people be so low that we won't be warming our atmosphere and causing all of these dreadful weather events? Will the earth, in fact, "right itself"?

A very good Question, but you never hear most media even discuss it because it is either taboo, or they just want to use the weather for putting forth their biased political position.

How many of us can the world support? Right now, there are many countries around the world that cannot even feed themselves from their own lands and as population increases in the few countries that have excess now, there is less to export. Now we are talking about using food for fuel which will just add to the problem. We must face up to it - Population growth is the root cause of all pollution and famine, not the government and corporations. Sure, we can help some with conservation, but we can't just put our head in the sand on this subject, or nature will take care of it, and natural population/pollution control is more brutal than most of us can imagine.
at this point in time no one really knows for sure but you can bet that we have influenced the weather some
I think nature has been trying to right itself through diseases and viruses. Humans keep interferring through medicine, but many diseases are becoming resistence.

Then the quest for resources have caused many wars, which takes a toll on humans and wildlife.

I think there will be a point in which most humans will expire, because the earth will not be able to sustain all the people.
Well, they're certainly influenced by it. Pretty much any weather event that occurs from now on will be. The problem is that there isn't any way to pin down a single extreme weather event to climate change. The only thing we can be certain of is that frequency of these sorts of storms is definitely increasing, most likely as a result of global warming.

Oh, and to place a tilde above an "n" as in El NiƱo, just press option + n, then press n again (on a Mac anayway, I have no idea how it works on a PC).
I don't know, but I doubt that will even be on the table as people are unfortunately very hedonistic about procreating, and the population is expected to double in 2050. I wish a lot more people would choose a childfree lifestyle. In the U.S., we don't have a huge population problem, BUT we pollute and hog natural resources like mad. I kind of think nature will rebel, and it will be like a nature-enacted genocide. A lot of people will die or become refugees from natural disasters.

I live in Ohio, and I'll tell you I can't remember the last time I saw healthy, green grass. People like my mother and stupid Republicans are trying to say that the weather lately isn't far off from normal, but I can't believe that's true; we had temps in the upper 90's and 100's for days and days at a time last summer, and this summer is supposed to be worse. This is Ohio, not Florida. The sun seems so much more intense. I used to go to the pool for hours at a time as a kid with light sunscreen and not burn. Now, I can't go out for more than an hour at a time, and this is with a 50 SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen. We're hardly even seeing snow in the winter anymore, and our pretty falls are disappearing. I believe that some of it may be part of a normal warming trend, but I also believe that greenhouse gases are a strong contribution.
it is us doing, i think as long as we start making changes now the earth will be ok and will take on all of us,
I wish I could say the world will help its self and adapt, but it wont; not without our help. We are the onse who live on the world. If we dont pretect our world, the world will not keep us alive and healthy.

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