Are there people who are Pro-global warming?

Its gets cold up here in the NOrtheast U.S.. A few degrees warmer sounds great.

hahahaha. We think alike. Try being in Missouri about January. A little "Global Warming" sounds really good. I don't believe any of it. The planet will cool and warm a few degrees every century. This is all about a money grab.
I agree
Well I'm almost sure your question is in jest (and a good one), but seriously the global warming fright mongers never consider the benefits of global warming such as greater farmland, etc.. Socialists talk only about the benefits of government and never the costs, same thing here.
I hope not. I would move South if you really want a few degrees warmer.
yea, im pretty sure that just the temperature going up isnt the biggest issue. check into it, just a hunch.
the issue with me is not whether its hotter or colder, its more about keeping the enviroment clean. thats all i care about
Sure it'll get warmer for a moment but then... well let's just say there's a reason why the politically correct term is Global Climate Change". If you don't know why I suggest you read about it.
Ha! I like the way you think man.
I honestly don't care about global warming! As long as we here in Canada get pounded with snow 7+ months of the year, I'm kinda rooting for it to warm up.
A strange rumor I heard a long time ago involved what the earth was like before Noah and the flood and the real significance behind the rainbow. It seems that the entire earth was like a tropical paradise, why the dinosaurs were able to stay alive. Humans lived for 900 years on a regular basis because the average temperatures kept the body on an even keel -I guess the stress from weather extremes is what really ages a person. Anyway, the earth was a jungle until the flood, which destroyed all that vegetation, caused huge deposits of sand that created the deserts, and the comet that hit the earth that caused the flood also broke up the earth's crust and created the current plates that cause earthquakes and make the mountains. The comet also smashed the atmosphere and people first saw the blue sky for the first time after the storms and flood ended, hence the significance of the rainbow. Global warming to these people who believe this rumor means that the earth is returning to such a greenhouse state, and that we will live for 900 years in such a green-housed planet. Weird, I know, but again, just a rumor I heard.
Some religions are very much encouraging global warming as it is clearly one of the signs indicating the literal return of Jesus Christ the Savior to begin the next dispensation referred to as the New Millennium of Peace.
i agree with u we still have cold weather in the winter in new york and so summer day were so far 20% colder than usual. so why are they complaining. i even called our nbc affilitate and thank them for not talking about it (never did and that is the best thing they do they get our weather wrong everyday all day). where in the ne
meanwhile, it wipes out the winters that stops the lifecycles of pathogens in warmer climates aye??
why are the scientist for global warming against poorer countries growing more crops because there climate is improved in there favour
If it is cold where you live.MOVE.
I don't see global warming I see the ice age ending.
To be pro-global warming, you first need to believe that it exists. If it does, It doesn't just trigger an increase of a few degrees, It triggers a whole set of extreme weather and problems that will eventually lead to something similar to the last ice age. It will start out a few degrees warmer, but this warmth (which doesnt seem all that bad) melts ice caps, whic break off and start to cool the oceans extremely quickly. Huge moving ice causes extremely powerful electrical and hail storms all over the world--(think about hail and ice covering mexico city). Extreme weather becomes even more extreme and as huge claciers drift farther south and continue melting even more, the whole Nortthern hemisphere becomes covered in ice and snow (not like 20 degrees, but more like -80 degrees, and in the summer). Millions and millions of people will die, especially in warmer climates where they cannot protect themselves from the cold. Earthquakes will shake the world and destroy all the major cities as the cooling cround shrinks. So, If you believe in global warming, you have to be pro-all of this. However, I wouldnt mind if it was a few degrees warmer here either, but instrad of polluting, I'll just move a little south. :)

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