Today two billion people stood up for our earth and our future.?

So why are there still people who don't give a d#@m? Don't they care about their children?

Well,the way I see it.We should have thought about this stuff long ago.Instead of how to prosper or make a buck.We tore up the Earth.God gave us the Earth and this is how we take care of it!?Its a matter of what people do in their own backyards,front yards,etc.When everything is gone who 'they' gonna blame?
No, today 2 million people wasted lots of energy going to this concert. They were in vehicles that were stuck in traffic and the musicians (which are a bunch of "has-beens") flew in on private jets, which wasted even more energy. How much carbon do you think was added to the atmosphere today over this farce? Let's face it. Al Gore wants you to suffer at home under a ceiling fan while he sleeps in comfort in air conditioning. He lives in a 20,000 square foot mansion that uses more energy than 50 average homes. I smell lots of hypocrisy here.
Because 4 billion don't have TVs.
Some of us aren't as stupid and ignorant as others. Global warming is a political ploy to take away your freedom and pull your life style down to near povety levels so a few rich socialists can run things. the first thing a conquering army does is limit your ability to travel and communicate. How far will you get with your electric car when the climate people shut down power plants because the put out too much CO2 generating the power you need? Oh and if you think those bonehead musicians care ask them how they got there, By Jet perhaps that put out more so called green house gases in one trip than my car in a year hell statistically more the a Hummer does in a yr of daily driving. They are the ones who don't care and you aren't informed enough to not fall for it . you need to read more and listen to idiots less.
that is awsome.however people are still not worried about the earth. but I AM SAVING MY EARTH BY LIVING GREEN AN ALTERNATIVE LIVING FOR THE LAST FIVE YRS
Because they don't care about ANYTHING! And there are so very many of them...
We care, we just care about different things. The sky isn't falling. We, the earth, go through cyclical temperature changes periodically. I'm not as concerned over global warming as I am over the current Crusades.
Read "State of Fear". Then we will talk about the bs that man is causing it.
Are you so egotistical that you believe that everybody should share YOUR concerns? Have you ever considered that YOU may be a greater threat to this planet and human civilization then all the people you presume don't give a damn? I care about my children and teach them not to fall for this all too obvious scam.

this is why.
the same reason why you see signs at national parks, that say, "Please Don't Litter" and people do it anyway.
Oh, please. Hand me a barf bag. A recycled, hemp one, of course.
Two billion? well I guess if you believe that gw is real you will believe anything, I have some property on mars, want to make a offer?

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