"During rainy season opening of window is very difficult". why?name the phenomenon behind it.?

Moisture of the air gets trapped in the wood making it swell , so it is harder to open .
I think that the moisture of the air gets trapped in the wood making it swell and then it is harder to open.
monster swelling 'coz water is adsorbed
it is strong winds.......
Hey!!! Abdul Kalam --U shudnt be asking Us scientific questions but rather U should b answering Our questions--lol--i guess its cos of the air pressure during the rainy season--or some sort of humidity thats caused during the monsoons--and when it puts pressure on the window panes--its gets tight--thus diff to open with ease
It is due to adsorption of moisture from the surrounding in wood, expansion takes place.
during rainy season windows r difficult 2 eemove as they r made of wood.it is due 2 inbibition.they imbibe water and swell up.imbibition is defined as process by which living or daed plant cells absorb water by surface attraction.

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