How many things do people do on a daily basis that relies on fossil fuels? How many can you list?

what about all the crap we buy. the food at the grocery store comes from where?? south america? italy? it takes fuel to get it it here, and it took fuel to grow it and maintain it and harvest it. plus our meat consumption. and not to mention just the products we buy everyday, whose manufacturing and distribution (often from overseas) requires energy use. or what you're burning in your own home, via appliances and hot water, lighting is a big one. your computer. your car. pretty much anything and everything needs or needed energy consumption at some point
car, hot water tank, gas stoves, gas heat, electricity comes about by fossil fuel
I can't list any that don't.

Every manufacture item relies on them - most are even made of theem (plastics are made of fossil fuels). All require them for transport.

Your sheets are dyed with fossil fuel products - so you are at it before you even get out of bed.

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