How many people are aware that global warming is fiction?

OOH!!! YES!!! PICK ME!!! Well, technically, global warming isn't fiction, because we are warming, but man-made global warming is totally fake. The science behind the theory is weak and speculative, and the alarmists, like Al Gore, are simply trying to scare the low I.Q. people out there, so that they can get money. The whole "global warming is agreed upon by all scientists; there is a scientific consensus" stuff is total hogwash. I know of many scientists (who AREN'T paid by big oil companies) who disagree. And if people want to use that argument to say that the scientists who disagree with it are biased, then I have something to say to them. Al Gore is getting big bucks from green/environmental groups to preach his little sermons about global warming.
are you republican?
not very many because the media refuses to report anything that contradicts the man-made global warming theory.
Not fiction therefore none.

Think about it Oil Companies vs Environmental Groups. Who makes more money? Who has more money to spend paying scientists? Do you GW naysayers even listen to your selves? I am guessing that Exxon all by itself made, just in profit, more money last year than the entire income of all environmental groups combined. Let's try engaging with reality folks.
Well.... I thought that it's suppose to be true. That's why I study it in Geography and all that about the ice melting in the North or South Pole where the poor polar bears are....
Really? Name TWO scientists "you know" and that is not paid by an oil company or oil funded right wing think tank who doesn't think man made global warming is a fact. The truth is that the VAST majority of experts in the field think it is. Who is more likely to be right, the vast majority of experts, or a few skeptics?
I have this awesome book called The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming that finally tells us the truth.
I hope more people will become free thinkers and stop following along like sheep and believe everything that the media and so called documentaries tell us.
Sometimes it looks to me like environmentalists are just cashing in on making people afraid........
Do you mean how many people believe that global warming is fiction?

Probably the same amount of people that do not understand how since works multiplied by 2/3 the number of people driving gas guzzlers.

I fail to see why the global climate theory is so threatening to people. Makes me think it must true.
Lots of people mistakenly believe that anthropogenic global warming theory is not valid. But that is only because they simply don't understand it. What you have heard from the media (*especially* the conservative media) is abhorrently uninformed and ignorant. Scientists are the only people qualified to make decisions on the validity of the theory, and are thus the only people you should even consider taking information from.
Well It is causing an artificial inflation that will make it harder for the poor people and especially those on fixated income. Even if it is fiction it is crippling the U.S.

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