Live Earth?

What purpose did live earth really help?
Will people who watched famous musicians use less gasoline now?
How about all those musicians being flown to there performance cities in private jets?
Above all, Is global warming really being caused by us or is it a natural climate change?
I mean, we've had TWO ice ages.
It's a natural occurance which I just can't bleieve will be the end of the world for us all.

40 years ago, everybody was concerned about another Ice Age. There was a big artice in a LIFE magazine from 1958. It focused on the polar ice caps and how they were growing at an alarming rate. Their solution at the time? Burn a hole in the ozone layer to warm up the climate. Nature cycles. It's been through millions of changes and will go through millions more...humans will see about a dozen. This planet is a powerful force, it will do what it needs to survive, and a four song set from Melissa Etheridge isn't going to do a damn thing about it. Humans are overnight guests in the planet Earth motel, so go find something useful to do Al, like invent another internet or something. If humans could actually do anything to change the course of nature, I'm sure Rhianna would have nothing to do with it.
I have been doing the green thing for over 20 years, I don't understand why people haven't understood anything yet, even after Live Earth. Some people will never get it, I wish we would go back to the horses. The Amish are right and we are wrong.
1) Live Earth raised awareness of global climate change.

2) Yes hopefully more people will reduce their individual greenhouse gas emissions as a result.

3) "Live Earth staff and artist air travel will be offset through carbon credits. Ground travel will be hybrid or high-efficiency vehicles, where possible."

4) Global warming is being accelerated by human greenhouse gas emissions.

5) The Earth has had many ice ages.

6) Nobody is claiming that humans are the only possible cause of global warming. Under certain conditions, natural causes can lead to global warming. However, natural causes are insufficient to account for the acceleration in global warming over the past 40 years.

7) It won't be the end of the world for us all. However, there will be some very very bad consequences if we don't react by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions significantly.
Every temperature rise in Earth's history has accompanied a rise in atmospheric carbon. Right now, we humans are going through a period in which most of this carbon is sequestered, hence, we are able to live. When will you people ever learn?

P.S. the impact of the concerts is miniscule when compared to the accumulated effects of our daily activities, which the concert aimed at addressing.
Lavaman :
Some people will never get it, I wish we would go back to the horses. The Amish are right and we are wrong.

Dude - why are you on a computer if you feel that way? Here you go: say, "I am wrong." Shut down and unplug your computer. Give it away to some rural or inner city school. Live like the Amish. The only thing stopping you is YOU.

But leave "me" out of your "we".

Live Earth could have been called Live Circle J**k - all that was going on was everybody stroking everybody else's...egos.
They all drove their cars and jets around the world to have a feel good moment. It's okay though, because they bought carbon offsets from Al Gore.
Now that they are aware that they are to blame for destroying the planet, they will be more than willing to pay extra taxes to save the planet and help elect green politicians like Al.
I loved Live Earth. I thought it was really great and it did make me realize how important it is to help the environment. Starting today, I started to recycle paper from work, that normally would just go to the trash.

I do believe that we have a lot to do about global warming and for the most part, it is our fault! You think all that pollution is healthy for the earth? I sure don't think so.
People are always complaining. These musicians, actors, enviromentalist, etc., are trying to help and what they receive in return is critisim? I think that's ridiculous.

Haven't we been blasted on the TV for at least a decade?

Besides, the whole point was to make $$$$. Even at the Stadium @ the Meadowlands, there were no recycling bins for paper, bottles and cans. The performers flew into the Teterboro Airport and then were wisked to their Hotel and Stadium in Limos.

Then they used more electrical power that is used by some towns in a year!

Talk about double standards - one will do just fine. Personally who would want to waste their time and money on it?

It was just a reason for people to get together smoke some weed, drink a few beers and believe that somehow this was good for the planet..shows these people are stupid, guilable and high!
Come on 3DM and usa cant you guys come up with your own answers besides bashing what others think on hear or are you to into circle jerking each other . You guys really need a life
That is why all these hypocritical SOB should be shunned. Don't buy their CD and don't go to their concerts.

Back in the 70's they were talking about ICE age. But of course that never happen. So now they are trying to scare us with GLOBAL warming or I like to call it now as GOREBALL warming.

Please like these drug user musicians really have a good understanding of GOREBALL warming.

If a weather man can't predict an accurate weather forecast for the week, how can the so call scientist looking at previous data for weather predict GOREBALL warming??

If the warming don't come. Are they going to appologize or are they going to say "The ice age is coming, the ice age is coming..."

What a bunch of ignorant mofos.
Awareness is the key to change.

A whole lot of people will look further into this green thing and find their place in the cause.

There are still a whole lot of people who don't' see any of this as legitimate. The awareness the concert brought will have a rippling affect. (Rome wasn't built in a day)

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