About global warming, carbon footprints and all that...?

In the effort to save the world we are all being encouraged to use less electricity, reduce our carbon emissions, not flush the loo so often.. BUT.. if we reduce how much we use does this mean the companies will lower the prices for what we are using, or are we just going to use less and less while they still charge us exactly the same and make an even bigger profit?! Bearing in mind it took British Gas something stupid like 12 months for their prices to relfect the actual reduced prices they were paying for the gas?!

Are we just being swindled in yet another way?!

Energy supply has very high fixed costs, so if the total consumption falls significantly, the per unit cost will have to rise to cover the fixed costs.

For example, the power plant needs to be manned 24 hours a day. This cost doesn't change significantly unit you reach the point of decommissioning a power plant.

Our biggest concern in the UK is that we shall run out of generating capacity very soon, you will see widespread blackouts etc., unless the amount of electricity consumed is reduced, or at the very least stops rising. We almost had a nationwide blackout two winters ago, at the end of a TV program where a lot of households put the kettle on at the same time. TV ad breaks result in peaks of power consumption.

Homes are full of gadgets using power all the time. It is common now for devices to be left in standby, consuming power 24 hours a day.

Personally, I hate the term 'carbon footprint' as carbon is what we are made of, most of use have two feet and mine are rather large :)

CO2 footprint might be more appropriate.

But the real message is that we need to conserve our resources, water, fuel, animals, the environment as a whole.

CO2 emissions are only part of the story.

We are almost out of oil and gas.
If you think the cost of reducing global warming is high, consider the costs of unreduced global warming.

Moving people away from coasts, replacing things lost to flooding, redoing agriculture and irrigation systems.

It will most likely send the world into a Depression that will make the 1930s look good.
they calculate how much they charge based on how much electricity you use, so if you use less then the companies will charge you less. The rate they charge per Kwh or however they calculate it wont change but you will save money
They will increase costs to maintain profits .
you got it this is rip off britain
Strange question. Pricing should and will go up. If you use less of something, pricing goes up. It's basic business.

For example, if you sold a million computers to someone last year at price $X, then that same person only bought 100,000 computers this year, do you think the price would go up or down? Up of course.

Man made global warming is a myth. Stop building bunkers and the mountains and live your life.
Businesses like British gas have shareholders, who do you think comes first? customer is king, or shareholder is more regal than any customer?
yes swindled. the individuals who back the global warming initiative ALL have a hidden agenda. That is any supporter who has taken the time to really get to know the facts. It is hyperbole and fomenting.
I'm afraid that Global Warming has become a religion with Al Gore as its Messiah and the doctrines of Carbon Credits and the IPCC its bible.

It amazes me the same people that adhere to this new religion would be the first to deny any other religion. A sheep of a different color, still follows blindly.

Can I get an AMEN brother Al.?
Yes. The first thing to realise is that the climate of the Earth changes naturally. At the beginning of the Holocene period [modern times] 10,000 years ago, there was an end to a massive cold period, an Ice Age. Temperatures rose rapidly to levels higher than now, WITHOUT ANY INFLUENCE FROM MAN! They stayed high for 7,500 years then cooled well below today's temperatures and warmed again without help from man until around the year 1000 when the Vikings could grow wheat in Greenland. Again warmer than today. Then there was a big cooling during medieval times called the Little Ice Age when the Baltic Sea froze over in winter and glaciers destroyed alpine villages. The last gasp of this cold spell was in 1815 when it snowed every month of the year. The climate has grown warmer since then.

Explain the cause of previous warmings. The same natural factors are at work today. What is the "normal" climate of the Holocene? Natural warming also increases the CO2 in the air, so why blame it all on Man? Man's activity and existence accounts for about 4% of the CO2 in the air, so any reduction in CO2 output by Man will have no significant effect.

As in all swindles, someone stands to gain from trying to fight Nature. Who owns the companies that deal in carbon credits? What political group stands to gain the power to regulate everyone's lives and raise taxes so they can buy votes? Which political groups push the alarmist agenda and try to suppress anyone opposing them?

What do you think will happen when the climate continues to get warmer despite controls on CO2 from industry and cars and planes. Remember , these politicians cannot admit being wrong, they would lose power. They would have to add more controls and taxes. Fire would be illegal, even in winter.. People emit CO2 when they breathe, so that would be taxed, and those who couldn't pay would have to stop breathing.

Look at the pronouncements of the environmental radicals who associate with these politicians. They say there should be fewer people in the world, it would be better without people, people should live in harmony with nature. They could kill millions with a clear conscience to "Save the Earth".

Vote for anyone with an opposing view. We should spend money on levees to protect coastal cities and move inland in the future. Things of real value.
Fact is that the liquid fossil energies become to be rare. So we must try to spare fuel and to look for other energies, which are not too expensive. It is evident that there will be a lot of lobbies which will make their profit out of the situation. But so runs the world.
Fact is too that the most performing computers are still unable to calculate what is the real effect of the present worldwide emission of CO2 on global warming .
So the opinions of the scientists are very divergent about the consequences of CO2.
Another fact is that the preachers of coming catastrophes and disasters due to CO2 earn a lot of money. Al GORE gets 150.000 dollars for every conference and has earned till now 50 million dollars for his film. The lobbies for alternative energies have already earned at the money markets enormous amounts of money and get richer and richer.
I think that we must reduce our consummation of fossil energy anyway. Perhaps is it necessary to tell people terrific stories about coming catastrophes to persuade them to spare fuel and to use, if possible, more and more clean alternative energies.

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