So who is the lucky man and woman?

my theory on the recent weather connditions..

its a re-run of Noah and his ark. one lucky man and woman have been invited aboard the ark, and the rest of us have been left here to drown!

so who are the lucky couple?

when did the woman come into it?I reckon thats the reason it went so smoothly last time while she was looking for the door key's he was on his
My love and myself!
With all those animals and their droppings? I would not call that 'Lucky' :)
Do you really believe someone was able to gather two of every animal on earth and put them on an ark? It's a story...
No re-run. If you believe in the stories from the Bible we will all be wiped out. No lucky couple left.
Anybody that has enough money to afford to build it!!
That will be David and Victoria Beckham then.
There isn't enough water in the world, including water trapped as ice, to flood the world. Besides, for the Christians, there is the rainbow.
Count me out - a world with just two people in it, that would be a nightmare. Still, I suppose the 'lucky' couple could busy themelves with repopulating the planet, if they've any time left after tending all the animals and spending their day up to their necks in animal poop.
You have watched too many movies.

Even if Noah and the ark did happen, today there are sufficient vessels to populate a small country. The problem is having enough to eat during 40days and nights of rain. maybe that's why the dinosaurs became extinct _ since they were the largest, they ate them!
What? And have the "luck" of either having my sons impregnate my daughters or impregnate them myself?

Sorry, I'll pass...

I guess that'd put the "Ark" in "Arkansas" (Sorry, Arkansans - I couldn't help myself!)
In BN17 area, there was just more the average rain fall, no one was flooded
its a great god and god being everything or anybody i truly love wife, children, grandchildren, mother and father in laws, brother, sisters, manchester united, mohammed ali ,stevie wonder dr steven hawking oh and jess my sons dog,whales dolphins and i think i love me .MY GOD AND ME.

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