Do you have an organic solution to little tiny flies?

I don't know, maybe fruit flies, because they like to hang around my glass of iced tea or wine. But maybe midges or knats or something else tiny. There's not many, but they annoy me, flying between me and my computer screen, resting on the rim of my glass, and just generally being pests. Short of chemical warfare that might be worse for me than their presence, what would you suggest to rid me of these pests?

I have these and i don't know if they originate in my house plants or not but i have set out a little cup of juice and they will often drown in it.
Chemical Warfare is the way to go, it's more effective than natural stuff. Try Raid, Hot Shot, or Burn
Speaking of wine... if you put a small glass of either white or red wine in the area of whatever place you are using, the flies will be attracted to the smell and will drowned in it.
This is kind of cool but I don't know if it works. A solar powered fly trap.

On horses essential oils are used to reduce the number of flies that congregated on their faces. Oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, or lavender appear effective. If the horses don't like the smell they aren't saying. They certainly do not like the flies.
These are often mixed with garlic and that really smells sulfuric, but it works, too.
For the horses I mix a few drops of each essential oil into a little dab of Murphy's Oil soap and add to apple cider or white vinegar and water. The resultant mixture goes into a spray bottle but must be shaken before using. Other people use strong, cold tea instead of water, crushed garlic or lemon peel as well as essential oils.
Citrus oil and rosemary smells good. Blend a lemon peel with a few tender tips of rosemary then just cover with boiling water. Allow to steep overnight and strain the mixture the following morning. However you can just buy lemon oil and other essential oils if that is easier.

Others feed their horses garlic capsules and add vinegar to the drinking water. It is supposed to acidify the skin making it smell less sweaty attractive to flies
Then there is a prepared spray for horses.

You could just hang rosemary around where you sit instead of wearing it. It will cool the walls of your house, too.
"Scents function as protection from insects in some plants or as protection from drought in hot, arid climates (the thick volatile compounds we smell provide a protective layer around leaves). The old English custom of covering brick walls with sprigs of rosemary for cooling has been supported by modern research, which shows rosemary has 74 times the cooling effect of fresh air (thyme has 68 times the cooling effect, lavender 60 times)."

Since flies are attracted to the smells of manure, sweat or decaying flesh maybe sweet smells repel them. Flies certianly are attracted to Euphorbia, Sedum, members of the cabbage family, Shasta daisies, Dutchman’s pipe or the house plant alocasia. Elephant's ears, Colocasia, are also fly attractors along with other aroids like skunk cabbage so avoid planting these near a seating area.

You could attract bats for their nocturnal dining habits & swallows for their diurnal diet. If you are near an orchard or wood lot try for a flycatcher.

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