Am I established yet?

have i establihed myself as an environmentalist?
i have a group with 20 active members. A recycling program. A community garden project that has city funding and donations. A clothing drive. contacting someone to do al gores slide show at one of my meetings. and the nrdc wants to talk with me about my diesel cleanup campainge.
Am I there yet?

Yeh, eat vegetarians instead.

You don't have anything to prove to us lot. Do your best and - when you feel you are doing all you can to make the world a abtter place - feel proud of yourself and sod what anybody else thinks.
Of course! There are no specific guidelines for when a person becomes an environmentalist, but as long as you respect nature and are doing something to help the planet, you are an environmentalist. Enjoy and keep up the awesome work! Be proud of what you have done and to get as many people involved as possible. Not only will it help the planet, but it will also be more fun!!
hey i want to be an enviormentalist too

put dont know how and where to start

can u help me?

just post an answer to ur self

and ill read it

and ya youre on a roll

i wish i could do that

Are you carbon neutral? If not you have to buy offsets from big Al Gore. Then you'll have arrived.
your on your way :) a really BIG impact you could make on the earth is not eating animals or wearing there skin (e.i. fur)
read here:

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