I,m driving a 2000 vw passat?

can i put a mixture of cooking oil and diesel into my tank without having to convert the engine .and if i don,t have to convert is it any particular kind of cooking oil and do i have to pay VAT.ps i have a half tank of fuel can i fill it to the top with cooking oil (uk)

I´m sure not.
I don't know about but in the USA the tax should be payed on it. A diesel motor will even burn lube oil.Make sure it is filtered through a very fine filter . If U don't it can stop up your injectors.
Diesel and straight vegetable oil have a different viscosity.

If you experiment with percentages. It may be possible to add some vegetable oil (cleaned and filtered). You do risk clogging your injectors. ( I wouldn't do it.)

These links give good info.

you definitely have to get a conversion kit. I had a '96 Passat turbo diesel and I miss it so much. Never let your brother borrow your car folks!

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