Am I the only one who thinks that global warming does not exist?

Express your opinions.

finally a thinking person long live free thought
How can you explain the freak weather around the world and the fact that the polar ice caps are melting.
That is Global warming.
Actually 56% of mankind agrees with you and I that Global Warming is hyped and a money making scam.


The Ipsos Mori poll of 2,032 adults - interviewed between 14 and 20 June - found 56% believed scientists were still questioning climate change.

There was a feeling the problem was exaggerated to make money, it found.

The Royal Society said most climate scientists believed humans were having an "unprecedented" effect on climate.

The survey suggested that terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog mess were all of more concern than climate change.
I agree with you (so apparently does 20% of the UK population).

I think it is simply a cycle the World is going through.

If another Ice Age or worse comes out of it, well, it's not like it has not happened before, and we were not there at that time, so how could it be down to us?
The "globe" has been going through warming and cooling cycles as long as it has existed. It has been in a very slight warming trend for the last century or so. The only thing that's really debatable is whether humans are affecting it at all, or if it's completely normal. It has become so political with Al Gore and his ilk, that we can't have a reasonable discussion about it. Let's not be fanatics and doomsdayers, let's just be good stewards of the world God gave us.
Someone must be living in a hole in the ground.
Most people believe there's life after death. Most people are none too bright.
Unlike you I think there is global warming, but I also think that there is very little if anything we can do about it. Those who shout the loudest about it seem to be also those who will make the most money out of the attempts to prevent it.
Makes thee suspicious don't it?
I was having the very same conversation with my daughter earlier. I don't think it exists in the way that the media are putting it. i.e. that its all down to mankinds trashing of the world. I think its something that happens periodically anyway.
I always remember my grandad mentioning extreme weather back in the early 1900's and I have seen photo's of some weird freak storms from back then too.

Also we have already had an iceage and that can't have been caused by pollution etc.

Having said that, I do think its good that we are more environmentally friendly. Its not a bad thing. I just think that whats happening was gonna happen anyway!
Yes or no the politicians are making the most of the possibility with their 'green taxes'
tax the cars higher on their emissions not lower the cars with low emissions?
increase taxes on flights
pay a tax to enter London
mostly hype and 'experts' having an educated guess
we now have cars giving off more co emissions from their tyres than from their engines
Visit a third world country to see more pollution from one car or factory than probably comes from a whole town in the west

my mum has always said that the winters were colder when she was a kid and enjoy summer holidays alway in the sun

We must all remember that they can't predict the weather accurately for the coming week!
What chance the next hundred years!!
i think that it does exist but i dont think mankind is to blame
has the worlds temperature not fluctuated for millions of years?
it gets hotter then cools down. is that what hapened in the last ice age when the world started heating up and water levels rose etc
i thought we were all gonna fry because the ozone layer is dissapearing and it is july 4th and i am freezing my knackers off. people will believe any old crap as long as some environmentalist tells them so. as for freak weather the world has been experiencing it for millions of years.
I'm sure you aren't the only one. P.T. Barnum once said: "There is a sucker born every minute." The current global birthrate is approximately 4 people per minute. So there is a very good chance that 25% of people think what you think.
Its all political propaganda. There is nothing to show that we caused global warming.
If by “global warming” you mean the catastrophic global warming that all the Global Warming Alarmists (GWAs) talk about, then I’m with you, I don’t think it exists either.

Without the GWAs spouting doom and gloom left, right and centre, in an attempt to brainwash us, we wouldn’t even have noticed any warming.

Now, however, we blame *everything* on global warming…

It’s too hot – it’s global warming.

It’s too cold - it’s global warming.

It’s too dry - it’s global warming.

It’s too wet - it’s global warming.

I saw a dead hedgehog on the road - it’s global warming.

It’s nonsense.

As ever with global warming - don't believe the hype.
That is not a problem

Also in Africa people question AIDS, whether it is real, man-made and search for alternative explanation (sorcery etc.)

Regarding this question, I still trust 95% of the scientists even if a majority of the population was to believe something else.
Of course global warming exists (in the aspect of the world IS getting warmer today) and of course the world has gone through global warming and cooling periods before.

Drastic changes in temperatures in the past has always led to extinctions and natural disasters around the world though. What we do today, is that human ADD ON to "natural" temperature fluctuations.

Anyone doubting human interference with the climate and really interested in facts should read this site: . It's highly recommended!
I do not believe in it either any more than Al Gore invented the internet
uhhh. yeah. and it has been proven. so stop saying it hasnt.
Sure global warming is real. It was also real back in the Middle Ages. We survived it then, we'll survive it now.
The thing I do NOT believe in is AlGore's 'Global Warming'. That's just a power play to gain money and power at our expense.
Climate change is happening because global climate is a dynamic process, and as such, is in a permanent state of change. So it is always getting hotter or cooler or wetter or dryer with or without man. The real question is ' does human activity contribute in any way, or is the present warming cycle purely natural?
With a degree in ecology and 30 years experience in environmental work, I have reached the conclusion that it is almost entirely natural, and the human contribution is at most fractional. We should stop waisting our time and resources trying to stop a natural process and learn to adapt to it instead. I am disgusted by the alarmist claims of the political activists who make statements that no scientist who valued his/her reputation would dare make because there is either no evidence or they contravene the basic laws of physics.
I believe there are alot of untruths being sold, on all sides. I feel quite certain it's mostly Mother N's routine cleaning of the attic, garage, shed...but not of our clutter, mostly her own junk - we're just the bugs trying to stay clear of her path. Btw, I'm also a non-believer. Can we not get married and live happily ever after? I'll bring the donuts and champagne.
No, there are other uneducated, ignorant people out there; lots of them.
well, i kinda do, and kinda don't. I think natural global warming is real, cos it's probably just the Earth's cycles, i mean, we had a mini ice age like five hundred years ago, so it's just cycles. I think global warming caused by humans is utter rubbish, though i do think we may have sped it up a bit, but CERTAINLY NOT caused it! besides, i think a bit of global warming where i am would be welcome at the moment lol! only joking!

i have a really wierd theory anyway, that most sane people would say is cr*p, but i'll say it anyway... i think the earth's axis is tilting even more, turning the northern hemisphere further away from the sun, and less hot and sunny, and the southern hemisphere closer, causing Antarctica to melt etc.
there are LOADS of holes in this, but just thought i'd put it across! =]
Believer or not.. does it really matter?

We need to be good stewards of this planet.. Our generation's kids, and our kid's kids, will live here for a long long time...

Oil will not last forever, Coal and Oil pollute, Carbon Dioxide is not a great thing for the environment (or our lungs)...

You just have to realize that this planet cannot continue indefinitely to absorb all of the pollutants that human activities continously pump into it. It is very easy to realize that it is better if we do a little bit now, or even anything, now.. rather than later to minimize pollution.

At least in the US in the last 50 years we have done a lot to minimize pollution many cases the air and water are cleaner today.. with higher rates of use and it supports more population.. but that does not mean we should do less to care for our planet.. but more..

Now, I am not talking about major changes in our lifestyles or standards of living like some alarmists assert we should make.. but would it kill any of us to use a little less of anything and to try to do our part?
you are absolutely correct, well according to me anyway. global warming has been tremendously over exaggerated. you are correct, in that research has shown that the earth has been very much warmer than it is today, and there is no evidence that rises in CO2 have led to an increase in temperature of the earth.
No, you are certainly not alone in your disbelief. Still there is tons of evidence that Climate Change is upon us.

There is no evidence of God.
It's a con!
I too think that global warming does not exist. I forget what this law is called. but it stated that "the world goes from order to disorder every year" It has been proven. But I do believe God exist. I hope my believe will not change the way you think about my answer.
If you really believe that global warming doesn't exist, you're not alone. About 20% of the American populace believes this.

And you're all 100% wrong.

Global warming obviously exists - it's been directly measured:

The real debate is about whether or not humans make a significant contribution to global warming. The vast majority of climate scientists are convinced that we do. I can't go into all the evidence right now, but basically they've modelled contributions to the global climate from natural causes (sun, volcanoes, etc.) and human greenhouse gas emissions. The natural causes account for most of the warming up to about 1960, but at that point global warming accelerates and natural causes don't account for it. When they add greenhouse gases to the model, they find that the models fit the measurements very accurately and that greenhouse gases account for 70-95% of global warming over the past few decades:

Public opinion is a poor indicator of reality. Expert opinion is a much better indicator, and the expert consensus is that humans are the primary cause of the current global warming.

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