What is this crap about global warming?

i mean seriously are we all gunna burn up in flames in like 50 years?

Glkobal warming is a pile of garbage Gore made up to keep his name in the news. Everything you need to know about it could be seen here - http://www.geocities.com/ceegen/globalwa... .
yes, that's EXACTLY what it is. You better start saving water now.
No, we are not. If we die from global warming, things will still be much cooler than the necessary temperature to make us burn.
Doubt it!!
I don't know but its freezing here in stupid Northwestern PA!!
It is not Global Warming.

It was very hot outside today, and I know why. I know exactly what Global Warming is really all about. The thing to remember is that is isn’t so much that the planet is becoming warmer, it is that the planet is becoming less cool. It is the Global Uncoolness.

In 1998 we had the hottest summer in New Orleans on record. What you have to ask yourself is: What event occurred shortly before the heat? I know the answer. Frank Sinatra died and Seinfeld went off the air. See the connection? Two sources of cool, now gone. The result: Global Warming.

According to figures from the Environmental Protection Agency, global temperatures had declined slightly from the year 1900 until the early 1970s, when, according to the EPA, “temperatures rose sharply “ OK, remember, it is not warming, it is uncoolness. In other words, the 1960s was the last non-warm, or “cool” decade. Think about it: at the end of the ‘60s, just as we began to experience the “sharp rise in global temperatures” what happened? The Beatles broke up, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all dies; Cary Grant retired, and Sean Connery decided not to play James Bond anymore. In other words, a lot of really uncool stuff.

So the 1970s featured a sharp rise in uncoolness. Gee, big surprise there! Nixon, Ford, Carter, bellbottoms and disco, we’re really lucky the planet made it through it all. Plus, Elvis Presley died. You see, the more we lose cool people the worse global warming becomes. James Dean, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Dean Martin, Humphrey Bogart—all once great sources of coolness, now gone. And, what do we have now? Hanson, Fabio, and Barney! The world is less cool now then it has ever been, but scientists are focusing their attentions in the wrong places. Forget the ozone layer and pollution! Scientist should be trying to find a way to keep people like Jack Nicholson alive for a really long time. If it wasn’t for Sean Connery and Jack Nicholson, the world would have exploded after Sinatra died.

Genetic engineers need to find a way to ensure that more cool people keep getting born. The essences of cool needs to be studies. What they need to do is get Vanilla Ice and Jack Nicholson into a lab somewhere. The totally cool and the totally uncool. Of course, I’m pretty sure that if they were in the same room together, it would result in some kind of meteorological condition that would wreak havoc on the world. Actually, I think that is how El Nino started. It was when Sean Connery made that movie with Richard Gere.

They also need to study Marlon Brando. He was like a scale model of the earth (almost actual size). He, like the planet use to be very cool, but then became very uncool. If scientist can find out what made Brando uncool, that might be a start in the right direction.
Yes, watch the movie "inconvinience Truth" and research independently. use your brains, not what others tell you
Those who think its a "crap" can keep their eyes closed all they want, that doent mean it isnt coming.
Just because it is coming from Gore, doesnt mean its not the fact.
Let me tell you my theory. Well global warming is simply that the sun keeps getting even hotter all the time. Sounds like it should be more complicated, huh? Anyways, in the Bible it states the end of the world will be by fire. The sun is a star, a very large star. Well stars fall, and one day the sun may fall to the earth and disentegrate it all. But I really doubt that it will only be 50 more years. I would love any comments anyone has about what I have just said. My email is k_ahhhhhs@yahoo.com. But don't be rude and don't be mad if it takes me a while to answer as I will not open anything except from a public computer. Have a great day!
You all chat rubbish. Listen to me...

Global warming is causing the icebergs in Antartica to melt, which means the sea levels will rise and there will be more flooding. Also if the ice bergs melt and temperatures increase some animals may be driven to extinction. It is our responsibility to look after the Earth and everything that is on it.
Actually the temperature of the earth has increased less than 7/10 of 1 degree (C) from 1880 to 2005. That is an increase of about 1 degree (F) in 125 years. You may choose to believe that is global warming or you may not. Source: http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/2005/2... There are numerous charts all over the internet showing the same. Some say that 1 degree is enough to impact the global climate, others say it's not. Most proponents of global warming think the earth's temperature has risen much more than that and don't even know that it has only risen by 1 degree. But the charts do not lie as do the proponents on both sides of this issue. The average temperature in Antarctica is 109 degrees below zero. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/antarctica#... It seems to me 108 below (one degree warmer) is still pretty cold and not enough to melt anything. But there are those that say it will.

Back in the '70s all the hype was about global COOLING and another ice age was coming. I remember that they blamed pollution for that too. They said that all the pollution was darkening the skies and not as much sun was coming through so the earth was cooling off. It took many years to discover that they were mistaken and it was all just hype. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/global_cool... So when someone says, "the sky is falling" don't believe everything you hear on either side of the issue. There are Spin Doctors galore out there.

Most of the time people will form an opinion and not really be informed about the subject with which they become so opinionated about. So it's best that you not form your opinions from other's opinions, (as in this forum) but on the facts presented. (Many do not provide any proof or links to prove their point, just their opinion.) With that said we do have a responsibility to do our part by doing whatever is within your power to keep our planet alive and well.

I hope that helps...
Just imagine if our planet were to warm up...the polar ice caps would melt before we would burn...all that extra water means the oceans will be quite a bit higher...that means our beach front property around the world will be submarine property...and the nearby valleys will become inland seas. Sounds apocalyptic like Water World or something eh? I wouldn't mind warmer weather...but in reality...who can say how warm our planet was before the Great Deluge of Noah's time? Imagine our planet before it ever rained, because we had a water vapor shield to keep out UV rays, which slowed the aging process...if our planet was as close as Venus, we would not have been cool enough for plants to survive to process CO2 into O2...if it was as far as Mars, it would have been too cool for those plants to do the O2 thing. Then that first rain...who can say what God did to cause that water vapor shield to come down in torrents? We know that after the Flood, the life span of humans decreased...was it from eating meat, or was it from the increase in UV rays? Our atmosphere has been deteriorating ever since...now it gets worse quicker with the poisons of humanity. Well...now all the athiests should really enjoy these theories...which I thought up on my own, while sitting in some college science classes years ago, because I was the only student in class who noticed that some of the chapters in the same text book contradicted each other...while some were based on theories similar to the one called the Origin of Life by Darwin, others were based on the proven laws of dynothermics and the laws of physics. It's a cycle, which is spiraling down hill...like life itself. Sure with modern technology, opportunity for healthier longevity increases, but come on...you and I both know that neither of us can live 900+ years.
I guess I am rambling, but what would you expect with staying up all night on this FunQA.com thing. LOL! J/K I was playing WoW! So long and have a great weekend!
The answer lies in that age old phrase "Follow the money". There are lots of people making lots of money off of this global warming hysteria. It's become an industry. Now, I'm not saying the planet isn't warming. That should really be the easiest thing to determine, shouldn't it? All it takes is functioning thermometers stationed in different places around the globe. But we do know for sure that the earth has cooled down and heated up thousands of times before man even entered the equation. There is evidence that it's been much warmer in places like Greenland than it is right now. I mean come on, our temperatures are controlled by that big yellow star that rises every day. Some little pimple sized sunspot has more to do with our temperatures than anything we can do. And who knows? Maybe a little warming of the earth would be a good thing.
By the way, I write this as I sit here shivering from yet another below freezing night in Northern California, where we usually have about 10 or 15 nights below freezing a year and where we have already had at least 20, including 7 nights in a row. And whereas our coldest nights use to be maybe in the high 20's, this year we have had temperatures get to the mid teens. If you mention this to one of the global warming fanatics, they will tell you this cold weather is caused by global warming. Go figure.
20 years ago everyone said "global cooling". Don't worry, global warming is a hoax:

“CapNemo” likes to go to all the global warming questions and paste in a statement pooh-poohing the threat. His statement is misleading and incorrect.

He says it’s only increased by 1 degree (F) in 125 years. This is a misleading number, because it is a global average: land and sea. We don’t live in the middle of the ocean and that’s not where the polar ice caps are melting. The temperature change over land surfaces has been twice that, and most of it in the last 40 years.

He says, “The average temperature in Antarctica is 109 degrees below zero.” If you go to his source, it says, “Temperatures reach a minimum of between -80 °C and -90 °C (-112 °F and -130 °F) in the interior in winter and reach a maximum of between +5 °C and +15 °C (41 °F and 59 °F) near the coast in summer.” OK, now the observation that the caps are melting makes more sense. It melts at the coast, in the summer, DUH! (Note by the way that his average number (-109) is only 3 degrees lower than one of the minimum numbers. I wonder, what kind of math did he learn?)

Then he says, “Back in the '70s all the hype was about global COOLING”. All what hype? I was around then. I don’t remember any hype. And if you go to his source, it says, “This theory gained temporary popular attention due to press reporting … The theory never had strong scientific support”. He tries to mislead us, by implying that a temporary flurry pf press reporting is comparable to what we are seeing now and that some hype without scientific basis is somehow similar to a consensus within the scientific community about global warming.

The truth is that those 2 degrees are HUGE in the scale of average weather change. But the real problem is the speed of change and that it's accelerating. Scientists are predicting a temp 4 to 8 degree (F) increase over the next 75 years. “This may not sound like a great deal, but just a fraction of a degree can have huge implications on the climate, with very noticeable consequences." (http://www.channel4.com/science/microsit... ). Yes, scientists predict, that's their job. They've gone to school years more than we have and spent their lives studying this stuff. This representrs humanity’s BEST GUESS at where this is all going. Of course, you can believe it snows in hell, or any other stupid thing you want. No one can stop you from believing what you'd rather hear, than what is the most probable outcome.

The link between CO2 and global warming is undisputed at this time. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by more than 50% over the last 115 years (250 to 381 ppm, http://awesomenature.tribe.net/thread/fc... ). In the last 30 years, it increased at a rate 30 times faster than at any period during the last 800,000 years. In other words, this change is totally unprecedented. (http://awesomenature.tribe.net/thread/fc... ). What else is totally unprecedented about the last 115 years? Industrialization and the population explosion. Duh. This is not rocket science; it is simple arithmetic!

"If Bert Drake is right, the good news is that, within the foreseeable future, Maine residents will be able to stop banking their foundations and to store their down parkas and snow blowers in the barn permanently. The bad news is that a lot of those barns will be underwater" (http://awesomenature.tribe.net/thread/fc... ). Yes, this is opinion. Who is Bert Drake? He's an SERC researcher who's been studying this for 17 years. If we aren’t going to believe our scientists, who then shall we believe? Oh, I know. Let's believe CapNemo!

If global warming wasn't a real threat, why have 178 nations ratified the Kyoto Protocol to limit CO2 emissions? Why are the US and Australia the only two holdouts among the industrialized nations? (http://environment.about.com/od/kyotopro... )

CapNemo’s statement reminds me about the frog in the pot on the stove that doesn’t move as the water gradually gets hotter and hotter. From this seemingly insignificant 2 degree change, we’ve already seen enormous consequences. (http://www.davidsuzuki.org/climate_chang... How much hotter does it have to get for some people to wake up and face the music? And in the meantime, while you’re pondering all of this, be sure to check the dates on people’s references. Things are changing so rapidly that older information is no longer useful.

Average Northern Hemisphere Temperatures for last 1000 years:

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