Are there any alternative fuel sources that would work with our current cars?

Are there any alternative fuel sources that would work with our current cars that run on Gasoline? I know there are Bio Diesels but what about for regular gasoline engines?

Butanol, a more complex alcohol than ethanol, can work in our current cars at 100% concentration.

But companies making this fuel from biological sources are just making their pilot plants currently. It will take a decade at least a decade at best for the ethanol industry to switch to butanol.

Butanol is great because:
- it is less evaporative than gasoline, and needs no additives to prevent fuel loss.
- won't damage current car engines, not corrosive
- ethanol has 30 to 35 percent less energy than gasoline, butanol has 10 to 15 percent less energy than gasoline
- unlike ethanol, can be ran in current distribution networks for gasoline, no new distribution infrastructure
natural gas and propane can be used on your gasoline engine. You will have to change injectors and get a storage tank. just google it to find out more.
Yes, Brazil started to produce fuel from Sugar cane.
I wish! There aren't any that I know of, so we'll just have to wait. I keep having dreams about the end of the world because of the people who didn't care about global warming and it scares me! You could get a hybrid, if you want a new car...
Yes, there are. Ethanol. All cars can run safely on 10-30% ethanol. Brazil has been doing it for years. Many cars can even run on E85, 85% ethanol. To read more check out:
Nope. That car will run on fossil gasoline until the end of its days. That'll be true even if you sell it.

That will ALSO be true of every Camry, Prius, Mazda3, Blazer, Supra, etc. etc. ever built. Yes, Prius, hybrids too. When the car is built, the fuel to drive that car is already doomed to be burned.

And if they built the car to only run gasoline (as is true of almost all cars), the only way out is for YOU to convert the car to run on something else. Thousands of people have converted cars to run on battery-electric. That's legal. Hybrid is also a possibility but "passing smog" can be a complication.

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