Lets say we do stop global warming. Are there negative effects to this.?

From my understanding, our society payed a role in speeding up global warming, but didn't create global warming, so is this something we want to actually stop, or something we want to slow down. Are there negative effects longterm or shortterm to stopping global warming.

Without global warming we would all freeze to death on an ice ball. The sun has been spewing out extra energy for years now. The polar ice caps on Mars have been shrinking. Earthlings cannot possibly have anything to do with that.
The sun and earth have been going round and round for five billion years. Weather patterns always change. Scientists have been monitoring atmospheric temperature for about 100 years. The actual physical data is really scarce.
I actually like global warming, especially in January. I have not shoveled snow once this year. My daffodils have sprouted two weeks ago, and I live in the northeast US.
yes, it would get colder.
What if the main driving force is not man-made? Then, every dollar forced to be spent on reducing CO2 may be for vain. In that case, whatever money you are spending is wasted and could have been used for housing, food, and economic help for true problems that exist today.

Are we willing to gamble with 1 or 5 or even 10% of the world's GDP to stop something that we may not even have any control over?
Haha. Can we stop global warming? Not likely! With countries like China and India becoming industrialised nations and striving to reach the same standard of life as we have, we're in trouble. I am sorry,but since I don't believe that there is a way to stop global warming, it's not really worth looking at potential benefits or drawbacks if we stopped global warming. In any event, the world is constantly changing- it's a dynamic system, not a static one!
Environmental fluctuations are a normal phenomena. However, the enormous amount of CO2 that each person contributes to our atmosphere (estimated 7.5 tons per American!) is causing a situation where the Earth is warming far greater and more rapidly than ever before in recorded history. There will only be beneficial effects from our reduction of CO2 output. There is a normal exchange between the human and plant worlds. Plants breath in CO2, and exhale O2 and humans breath in O2 and out CO2. Up until the industrial era, this was a reasonable balance. However, now that the population has skyrocketed and people are using energy carelessly, in addition to the enormous governmental support for our "addiction to oil," we are literally destroying our Earth. The reduction in CO2 that every one of us can easily do will save us. Some simple steps that you can take today include:

~Ask your power company to switch your energy use to renewable.
~Change to flourescent lightbulbs.
~Drive less, walk more. If you can, switch to a car that is biodiesel or electric!
~Encourage lawmakers to demand better fuel efficiency and support renewable resources!
~Insulate your home.
~Use solar heating.
~Talk to your neighbors about the urgency of global warming and help prevent our world from being destroyed by our own ignorance.
~Educate yourself, the internet is an amazing resource to connect people these days and to demand changes from our foolish leaders.
~Check these out...

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