Answers Eco Tote Bag: Better Planet Event, did you get one?

I got mine yesterday in the mail, I love it! I think its a great way to advertise better environmental habits. Has anyone gotten one yet?

Big thanks to for their involvement in the awareness of better environmental standards. For those interested in how the bags look, visit

So the question is, if you got one, how likely are you to buy other eco products as well, for example buying a few of the recycled totes to carry your groceries home instead of plastic bags, or a company doing private label to hand out during events, special promotions, etc.

I think its a great step towards recycled, reusable products that can also be economical in the longrun. What do you think?

Congratulations! I hope to receive my soon as well. Mugs are a great giveaway item also, prevents people from using paper cups. HAnd powered flash lights that dont require batteries are also eco friendly give away items. Since so many promotional items get thrown away, it's nice when they give you something useful and reusable to communicate the message.
i like the fact that its used from recycled material <3 its a great thing to have around here :D i would love it if i got something else

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