About climate change?

isnt it strange how climate change and the need to cut down on carbon emmisions and power consumption co incides with scientific research that says oil and fossil fuels are dwindling.isnt this just a ploy to get us to use less of what they have in reservese and pay throu the teeth for it what do you think.is it about saving the earth or is it about filling there pockets before it all runs out?

Johnny B's got the scientific stuff right. Carbon dioxide is what this planet needs more of. The CO2 is less than .03% of the greenhouse gases and we need them in order to keep warm at night and for the plants to thrive.

Global warming is just a big hoax making a lot of money for bogus climatologists. There's no money in telling the truth that our climate is normal. The money is in creating hysteria over a nothing issue. Follow the money...

I just found out about this link.

Check it out below and do the "global warming quiz." You may be smarter about climate than you thought, but if not this site has a lot of info in that area to learn from.

Oh, and we're not running out of "fossil" fuels. The US and Canada alone are literally floating in oil. We just can't drill for it here because of the environmental nuts in our country.
Defenetly saving the earth. why did katrina happen? why do huricanes come? why is there carbon monoxide? the first 2 questions are becasue of global warming. Agust iss the hottest month. if in july the weather is in the 90's what will it bee in august? 115 degreese?!carbon monoxide is becasue people are using cars that go fast and pollute. most constucion trucks puff out black, deadly ( if you inhail it alot) smoke.
the fossil fuels from what I heard are enough to get the world thru 20 or more years ok, but we need to plan ahead. Young people now will be living longer than 20 years from now..understand?
Doubtful. There is over a century of petroleum available, a millennium of coal. If they really wanted to maximize profits, they'd be selling it like there was no tomorrow, instead of trying to get people to slow down.
No, it's not strange if you think about it for a second.

Oil and other fossil fuels are limited resources. The reason global warming has accelerated since the Industrial Revolution and in particular over the past 40-50 years is because we've been emitting tons of carbon dioxide by burning tons of fossil fuels. It only makes sense that we're experiencing an acceleration of global warming now that we've burned through a big chunk of our fossil fuels.

For once I agree with 3DM - if this was about profits (it's actually about science, by the way) then we'd be encouraged to burn as much fossil fuels as possible so oil companies could maximize their profits instead of trying to slow our use of fossil fuels and hopefully not use all those resources.
Well, there are many sides to this argument. We are using Way too much of our remains in fossil fuels(regardless of why they're telling us they're RIGHT!)with the increasing amount of carbon dioxide reaching the ozone layer, our planet is suffering severe climate change - GLOBAL WARMING -
All climates are effected by this phenomena. Many places around the world are breaching record high's! Even recent tsunamis are caused by global warming(the increasing heat w/in the earth. I don't care why they're telling us but I'm sure some of their intentions are true and modest on the situation. They're getting the word out to FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING!
Well I am sorry but we will never run out of fossil fuel . When the plants recycle our air by removing CO2 and give us back O2. The plants make their food from the C. The C is held in the plants and when winter comes and the leaves wash down the river to the delta and the deteriorate of the leaves is what recycling fossil fuel is all about. The present fossil fuel was done this way for million's of years. The more CO2 that the plants have the more they grow and will be able to process more CO2. With adequate CO2 it could be tropical in Texas.

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