Why dont scientist talk about the real cause of global warming ,the sun which controls all the weather?

Because they know that is not the real cause. Why don't they talks about Daffy Duck increasing the temperature of the Earth...because they know that is not the real cause.

Why do you expect anyone to listen to you when there are literally hundreds of world class scientists who agree that humans are having an impact on global warming? Who are you?
Actually I have the same question. The sun is what is causing it all I believe. Just because scientists afraid of grant money running out if they don't tow the line say it is human activity, doesn't make it so.

We have gone through many periods of warming and cooling, it's just weather.
"large al" can't sell carbon credits to the sun.
Being a meteorlogist it is the real cause. The sun is the cause. Here watch this video it is simpole and staright to the point. And, easy to learn.


I recommend this video to anyone who wants to become part of the few , the proud, The Stormchasers.

And, it is ERRD approved Emergency Rapid Response Division.
yeah the sun doesnt help, but you have to agree, neither do we humans. we put a lot of pollution in the air that is tearing apart the ozone layer. more cars are made now, more burning, everything. so its not just the sun, i believe we do more damage than the sun alone.
Learn your facts. The moon controls the tides. And where do think hurricanes are born? It's not only the sun.
This is all a bunch of BS. More and more scientists are backing off because the facts do not support Al Gores theories
The doubters are really funny. Tey keep quacking about the sun causing global warming. All they're doing is showing how ignorant they are. Scientists studied the possibility that changes in solar radiation caused global warming years ago--and showed that it was not the cause.
Scientists take the sun into account. The sun accounts for 0.12 W/m^2 of radiative forcing. Greenhouse gases account for 2.42 W/m^2 of forcing, or approximately 20 times as much. Check out page 4 of the IPCC report Summary for Policymakers for further details.


In fact, the very first input into global climate models was the sun because it's so well understood. Then volcanoes and sunspots were added in. These accounted for most of the warming prior to 1960, but a tiny fraction after that.


Now there would be no greenhouse effect if not for the sun, but then again there wouldn't be any life either. So there's no point in focusing on the sun, since it's a relatively minor contributor to global warming, particularly in comparison to greenhouse gases.
The current issue of Newsweek has a detailed article on why it's NOT the sun causing global warming. In fact, scientists have almost unanimously ruled out all possible causes except for human activities. The only dissenters are those who are paid by energy companies to spread disinformation.
However by throwing off our ecosystem it effects our weather which effects our ozone which effects the sun intake. The sun is not what cuases our weather it is simply a contributer.

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