Location is the major factor in the following alternative energy usage:?

Well, you left the question incomplete, but I will give you a few ideas:

1) Solar will be ideal for small remote locations where the cost of laying Transmission & Distribution lines is prohibitive and wher sunlight is abundant and heating or cooling the homes is not needed. A few solar panels and a battery pack will light up the homes and may be run a few fans or smalll pumps.

2) Wave power (tidal) will be meaningful only in coastal areas.

3) Wind power is viable in areas with fairly high and sustained winds of sufficient speed.

4) Earlier nuclear energy was considered viable only about 800 kilometres away from coal pitheads, but now because of global concerns, it is viable at many more places.
Yeah well because if you want to use wind, you need a windy place, a sunny place for solar, and a damed river for hydroelectric power.

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