Do people in your home leave the lights on?

I feel like I'm always turning off lights. Every time I walk from one part of the house to another, I find lights on with nobody in the rooms. Sometimes, the light adds no value as the sun shines in. What's the deal? Do you have this problem?

I'd be all for an invention: Put a coin in at the switch to turn on the light for X minutes. At the end of month, I'll collect all the coins to help pay the electric bill.

Another invention: Attach a pedal device to power the TV. If you don't pedal, you loose power and the TV goes off. We'd all stay fit then!

Yes, and it drives me crazy. I'll come in the house and the TV will be on, along with the computer and a number of lights. I try my best to get my family to comply with turning off all these devices when they are not in use, but to no avail! I wish every appliance had some sort ot timing device so that when everyone left the room, they would turn themselves off. It could be a sensor-like timer that senses body temp or something. I don't know, but it seems to me that if we can create the internet, we should be able to create something to help with this problem.
Even with adults every once in a while it happens. But I am on duty to shout at the person who is guilty.
Yes! The same thing happens to me all the time. People just don't get it. I tell them all the time to turn off the lights when thy arn't in the room but it always fails
LOL those are some really good ideas i have a few pounds to loose.
It used to drive me crazy. Then we put solar lights around the building. We are lucky most of our rooms are dual aspect so we don't really use lights in summer. Anybody moving around at night can see via the solar lights outside.

We have wood burning stoves so in winter we tend to relax in the two rooms heated by them. Surprising how little the kids want to wander around leaving lights on.

Leaving doors open in winter was another of my pet gripes so we put door closures on the two rooms with the wood burners in. Surprising what a difference it makes. Like the pedal device, none of us watch tv but putting it on the computer would be a great idea.
Remember when we were little and always got shouted at for leaving the lights on? Now what can we say? Yes, I guess we still leave the lights on every once in a while, but you know, you can train yourself. I've done it, I will be walking away and a little voice in my head tells me I forgot something! My daughter is a fiend, she won't leave anything on, she unplugs everything, she's her mommy's daughter!
Love the pedal for the TV, go for it!
i hate when people do that it drives me cray also when you leave stuff pluged in like a tv and other things along that line it takes power and that bill goes up fast so i stared to make sure when i leave a room i turn off everything no matter what and when i come back i will turn it all back on!
I do, but my lights are leds!! I could leave one on all day and still not consume as much electricity as you all do leaving your incandescents or compact fluorescents on for just a mere 30 minutes.

btw, its good to leave the compact fluorescents on if you are comming back into the room within 30 minutes because it takes a lot of energy to charge them up.
No, we generally turn them off.
No, My Dad used to be so anal about that when we were kids though. Now that I pay bills I understand the importance of money.
I hope not. I use candles and oil lamps.

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