Anyone else getting sick and tired of this "GLOBAL WARMING" hype?

Explain how the earth (which is 4 or 5 billion years old) has survied ice ages, fire ages, volcanos, etc, but in the last 50 years we have destroyed it? Please. Don't give humans THAT MUCH credit.

Not only that, but I have noticed that virtually every one of these pretentious Global Warming nitwits that I have checked on receives some form of government check at least once per month, and sometimes more often than that..

We are the taxpayers who pay for those Global Warming nitwits to lounge around while receiving government money that we pay for through our very hard work and the taxes that we pay..

These Global Warming nitwits have all the time in the world to sit around all day figuring out how they will recycle their beer cans and wine bottles bacause we support them with our hard earned tax dollars.

While the rest of us work 14 to 16 hour days to make the money that we need to support our families and pay the obscene amounts that we must pay in taxes.

In the mentime these Global Warming nitwits sit sround and collect their government checks and criticize us for using too much fossil fuel to go to and from work and shop for food.

These Global Warming nitwits do not even know what it takes to work to support a family. If they even have a family, it is supported with government money. Not money that they have gone out and earned themselves.

What is even worse is their proposals will not even stop Global Warming. A little more recycling, turning out the lights and buying a hybrid car will not get you enough of a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to stop Global Warming.

The best estimates in the peer reviewed scientific literature state that it would take at least a cut in carbon dioxide emissions world wide to less than onr tenth of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions today to stop global Warming.

To achieve that kind of a reduction we would have to shut down all industry and transportation world wide.

We do not have the political will or the military capability to even enforce such a ban.

If we cannot enforce such a ban we cannot stop Global Warming.

These Global Warming characters see this is a means to harass hard working people who support families.

Essentially the kind of people that the Global Warming crowd hates with a passion even after we pay to support them with their government checks.

This is the gratitude that we receive for supporting these Global Warming characters with our tax money that we work ourselves into the ground to earn.

(edit) to C G. Do you bathe in cold water or do you bathe in water that has been heated.

If you bathe in water that has been heated you are contributing to Global Warming.

You have no concept what it would take to stop Global Warming. You are dreaming if you think that we can stop Global Warming with anything less than a worldwide ban on the use of fossil fuel.

That would shut down industry and transportation world wide. If even one country such as The People's Republic of China refuses to go along, and they have said they refuse to even cut the amount of carbon dioxide that they emit you cannot stop Global Warming.

These trivial cuts that you achieve by more recycling, turning out the lights and buying hybrid cars are too small and insignificant to stop Global Warming.

These are merely tactics for deadbeats who receive government checks to harass people who have to work for a living and do not have the time to horse around with all of the insignificant time wasting nonsense that is supposed to stop Global Warming.

This is merly a means for people who collect government checks and have too much time on their hands to harass the hard working taxpayers who support them.
hells ya man its crap

I know what you mean!! it is getting on my nerves too! I guess it is just another excuse for the government to use more of our money for useless expiriments.but it`s getting old.
I agree completely. Global warming people are so ego-centric. They never do anything to stop breathing, since breathing makes CO2 too!
many ecosystems last for very long times, until an organisms that preys on others end up in a situation where they have no predators.
You obviously have no clue what the effects of exponential growth have on finite ecosystems.
Please read more about and educate yourself.
Definite yes.
It's been more than 50 years. Also, we've never had so much power over the earth until now, or nearly so many people. I doubt many rivers set fire before we came along, but we managed to pull that one off purely on our own, by means of pollution.

It's possible, at least, and you should entertain this possibility lest you find yourself in very deep and very warm water. Besides, a clean and energy independent America is good for all parties involved. It would help our economic and political position, no? We should have started work on it a long time ago. It's a no-brainer as I see it.

It's clear the earth goes through cycles - we have records of little-ice ages as recently as a few hundred years ago. Is this threat real? I don't know. You don't know. The smartest scientists don't know. The fact is we don't know how much of what's going on right now is caused by us and how much is natural, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry?

We're nothing to this planet, and if it sees fit, it'll shake us off like the pests we are. I for one do not want to tempt that power.

Global warming is only caused one way solar. Watch the real truth made real easy to learn.

Mary B do they include some of the meteorologists whom I work with in NOAA, NSSL and, NWS. We all believe that solar is the reason for these changes.

If they do not work for the above 3 Federal Agencies Global Warming is a lie. And, there are hundreds of meteorologists stating Global Warming is a lie.
Why don't you do a little research if you don't understand. Funny, there are literally hundreds of world class scientists who have studied and confirmed global warming, yet you expect people to listen to you instead...
we cant control birth rate so how can we destroy a plant
Yes. Global warming is the liberals way of crippling America, since America is based on Christian values, which is what the liberals hate. Global warming is also a brainwashing lie, to go through their hidden agenda and getting what they want, which is eventual power over what they can get.
i'm sick of it - time to stop talking and start dealing with it.

it is about consumerism - that is how we have managed to burn up our environment at an alarming rate.

you can live in denial - i don't - but yes the talk is boring - other countries are actually dealing with it while we just talk.

however - i applaud yahoo in its active endeavor of trying to involve people as our government sleeps.

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