If global warming is a problem, why are they finding pre-historic sites.?

pre-historic sites, where either water or ice was before, wouldnt that evidence suggest that ice and water levels are only relative to time. and not the destruction of us all?

Wow, another brave soul who dares to question the status quo!! Get a gold star and move yourself to the deeper end of the gene pool please!

Okay the issue of global warming is a complex one with few if any easy answers. What scientist are finding out is that the earth under goes periodic shifts in temperature resulting in ice ages and periods of warming. In addition to this little fun factor is the evidence of the earth under going "pole shifts". This little phenomenon is exactly what it says and thats a complete reversal of the earths magnetic field. Since one of these hasn't occurred in a very very long time and evidence pointing to one occurring within the next thousand or so years...or tomorrow for that fact...no one knows how that will effect us humans or our technology. Back to the question at hand is that the Earth is a closed system and scientist can't predict with any accuracy how our activities have affected the natural cycles of the Earth. There is no question that we have had an effect but how dire of an effect, its direct impact or the time frame of that impact is pure speculation. People like old Al Gore and his ilk are using science for political ends because what better way to ram home your philosophies than with a good old finger of God scenario to scare the crap out of everyone and get them to blindly agree to whatever snake oil you maybe selling. Ultimately something needs to be done to reduce our impact, to preserve what resources that are left but those changes need to be done scientifically and calmly with objective rational reasoning...I turn my soap box over to you
Global Warming is in an issue now.You see the icebergs are even melting on the poles..It was not something like before..
I strongly believe global warming is a hoax. Also, the Earth is due for another ice age. Give it a few hundred years.
you kind of miss the point..global warming is a fact...and the earth has been through worse before...
The question is will mankind as we know it in its current state be able to cope with the changes?
What happens when major cities like London and New York are underwater? Where will you buy groceries when the Midwest turns into a dust bowl? sure many people will get threw it and struggle on...just like always...but how will it change all that we know?
Well we know the Earth goes through natural cycles. This is kind of a case of non sequitur, though. Just because the Earth has gone through these cycles, over the course of billions of years and many before life even existed if the current science is to be believed, well, that says nothing about whether or not this is a real problem for us in the here-and-now.

The fact that if the polar ice caps melt and we know the sea level will rise as a result, destroying many coastal communities world-wide is a real problem. Islands have already begun to sink into the ocean. Seasonal ice packs are retreating. Wildlife like polar bears are serving as our canaries in this coal mine, and look what they appear to be telling us.

The presumption that the self-looping cycle caused by warming, whereby ice that reflects sunlight is replaced by water that absorbs it, thereby causing an increase in the rate of heating is a real concern.

The possibility of any number of other side effects, from increased solar radiation, changes in weather patterns, increased violent weather, etc... is a real concern. It goes on and on.

The science is still out, kinda, but really... why shouldn't we take steps to stem this problem, since if it is real, it poses a major threat? We should have begun this work in the 70's, not just for the environment, but for our own economic and political well-being. We're essentially funding the other side of the war on terror and, quite possibly, killing our earth at the same time. A clean and energy independent America (made in America) is good for everyone.
Duh.it's relative in a way that could kill us all.
Another ice age would destroy the northern half of the United states.

There were no great cities with their

millions of people when the last one came.

Warming may melt the Greenland ice sheet and the polar caps, thus flooding the low lying coastal areas where many of the worlds great cities are.
I learned in a geology class that there is always a warming period before an ice age, that they occur in patterns, and that the earth is due for another ice age , maybe better to call it global climate change! Its happened before and data points to it happening again, but I think its important to reduce emissions, pollutants, and to find cleaner renewable sources of energy.

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